A Cuban Story

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A ten year old Cuban boy mistakes and then befriends an escaped Zebra for a Mystical Unicorn
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In the early eighties, Cuba's African allies gift the small country with healthy pairs of untamed animals as a display of gratitude. These beasts are set free to roam on a special and private Government Zoo Island. In a midst of a brutal thunderstorm, one of the Zebra's blindly escapes this island.
A Cuban boy fascinated by Mystical Unicorns comes across the lost Zebra. Mistaking the animal for a Unicorn, the boy befriends him by using a few tempting carrots. Following two painful attempts to mount the Zebra, the animal finally allows the boy to ride him and together they begin a wonderful, fairy tale, day long friendship. A film crew happens to be driving along when they come across the boy and Zebra. They immediately broadcast a live feed of the boy on top of the animal and air it on television for all Cuba to see, including Cuba's stunned leaders and the boy's loving family.
Unknown to the boy, government officials send advancing scouts to find the missing animal and when they find him they are astonished to discover the boy riding the beast. "Zebra's can not be domesticated" or so they thought.
Sensing a publicity windfall, Cuba's leader sends his scouts with firm and decisive orders. "Bring me my Zebra back and under no circumstances is the boy to be harmed."

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