The Jagger Incident

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A peaceful and humble marital artist is dangerously reaching his limitations due to his future brother-in-law's mistreatment of his sister.
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A meek and humble marital arts man who has never had a fight in his life (Peter Jagger) does his best to led a normal and peaceful life. His limitations are tested numerous times by his sister’s future husband who physically assaults her and says sorry afterwards. Peter eventually warns him, vowing that from this day forward he will inflict the same pain on him that he inflicts upon his sister. An eye for a eye, a tooth for a tooth. The wedding day arrives. Everyone is at the church but the bother in law does not appear, instead deserting his bride and making his escape to Jamaica with some of the monetary wedding gifts. Devastated, Peter’s sister can not cope and commits suicide. Peter is off in search of his once-in-waiting brother-in-law. He tears off his peaceful shell and is determined to settle the score. His version of an eye for a eye, a tooth for a tooth is a bit different than others.

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