The Revenge of the Servants of the Gods

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Withdrawn, ten-yr-old Luke emerges as a force to be reckoned with when he teams up with a super-normal Griffon Vulture on the Greek, Vulture Island. His ultimate destiny - to save the world!
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Synopsis. 1. Revenge of the Servants of the Gods (Book one of a series of six books). Two episodes.

Withdrawn, ten-year-old Luke is furious with his mum and stepdad for uprooting the family from the UK to the Greek, Vulture Island. Once on the island, however, he comes face to face with super-normal Griffon Vulture, Griff. The vulture's task is to persuade this timid young boy that he, Luke has been chosen to defeat the evil antagonist, save the vultures from extinction and ultimately save the world.

In the subsequent books, Luke's missions take him and his friends beyond the edge of space to the parallel time zone of the Never-Ending Universe. He encounters the Greek god, Zeus, Poseidon, ferryman, Kharon, travels back in time to the Mycenaean Buried City of Kouklion, and finds himself on the highest, coldest, remotest mountain range on the planet where he battles to save the world.

Throughout the six-book series it would seem that Luke faces many different antagonists, but as the stories unfold we discover that these antagonists are one person - a shape shifter.