An Act of Kindness

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2024 Young Or Golden Writer
Logline or Premise
Based on a true story, a high school bully who continually harasses his teacher learns a lesson the hard way in this short heartwarming drama.
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High school history teacher, BARBARA WILSON looks forward to a new school year. But things don't turn out the way she hoped. Her students make fun of her, and one student in particular, JACKSON HARRIS, is a student from hell. He makes it his job to be as disruptive and unpleasant as possible.

Barbara's at wits end as to what to do. She seeks advice from her friend and fellow teacher, ALICE, who encourages not to give up.

Then she seeks help from Principal BARNER, only to find out there's no punishment anymore.

She decides to try being friends with Jackson. She tells him that she's always wanted to go to Italy and that the history of the Roman Empire is interesting. But he's not interested, and rudely storms out. His harassment continues.

His father, JAMAL, owner of a hardware store, has a blind eye to his son's demeanor

When Jackson and his buddies light firecrackers at Barbara's house, she calls the police. Jamal is livid, but not at his son. He complains to Principal Barner about her accusation. Barner orders Barbara to back off.

After Jackson receives a "fail" on his report card, Jamal threatens Barbara.

The next day in class, Jackson complains of pain. The doctor informs Jamal that Jackson has Stage Four kidney failure and unfortunately, Jamal is not a match.

Jackson goes for dialysis while he awaits a donated kidney. Jamal asks a relative to donate his, but he declines.

Back in school, Jackson continues harassing Barbara. She remarks about how poorly he looks. Jamal complains to Barner about her remark. Barner tells Barbara about Jackson's need of a kidney. Principal Barner threatens to write her an unsatisfactory recommendation if she doesn't stop harassing the boy.

Barbara is dejected and wants to quit teaching. She can't sleep and struggles as she thinks about Jackson's problem.

So, what does she do? Does she let this student get to her and quit?

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