Precious Commodity

Screenplay Type
2024 Young Or Golden Writer
Logline or Premise
When a severe drought makes potable water expensive, a powerful drug lord decides it's more profitable to sell water. He tries to manipulate the U.S. water supply and take over the White House, but the Secretary of Homeland Security races to stop him by any means necessary.
First 10 Pages

A powerful drug lord nicknamed NACHOS is the largest Kingpin in the United States.

Severe drought caused by climate change has caused plants to die, including Nacho’s marijuana and cocaine plants.

Since he’s losing business with potable water being very expensive, he decides it's more profitable to sell water.

After Nachos rapes and kills the wife of the Secretary of Homeland Security, MARTIN VAN CLEEVES, Martin seeks revenge.

Martin learns karate and hunts him down.

Nachos is finally arrested and imprisoned. But, he soon gets out “for good behavior”.

Martin then gets the President's blessing to use Special Forces and annihilate the Kingpin at his mansion. But, Nachos escapes and the coup fails.

The siege at his mansion infuriates Nachos. He decides to kill the President in revenge and take control of the White House. To do this, he unites all the gangs in America for a massive invasion.

Martin, along with several soldiers, wage a brutal offense against Nachos and his gang in the Oval Office.

Everyone is killed except Martin and Nachos. They have a one-on-one showdown to the end.

Will the strong psychopathic Kingpin win? Or will Martin prevail and save America?