2022 Writing Mentorship Award Winners

Congratulations to these writers of rising talent.

They have each won a writing mentorship from our Writing Mentorship Award judges.

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Here are the details.

  • Bethan Charles has won a writing mentorship from Tara Avery
  • Mina Rose has won a writing mentorship from Tara Avery
  • Emily Henderson has won a writing mentorship from Ann Brady
  • Ciara Mullaney has won a writing mentorship from Ann Brady
  • Theodora Scott has won a writing mentorship from Lis McDermott
  • Roma van den Bergh has won a writing mentorship Lis McDermott
  • Sarah Nias has won a writing mentorship from Nikki Vallance
  • Masha Shukovich has won a writing mentorship from Rebecca Megson- Smith
Roma Van Den Bergh for "Into the Light "

I’m a CGI filmmaker by trade and throughout my career have helped visualise stories from Hollywood blockbusters like The Golden Compass to Alex Garland’s Annihilation. INTO THE LIGHT was inspired by a true life event of a woman, who stopped a man killing a young girl in public, whilst others passed

Mina Rose Stiet for "Project Saturnalia "

Mina Rose lives in the Seattle area. She loves self-care, astrology, tarot, yoga, cats, coffee, video games, and outer space (although she's never been). On a typical day you can find her burning incense and dancing in the kitchen. On a non-typical day you can find her sipping margaritas next to a

Theodora Scott for "The Beatmaker"

A Danish Viking who hates the cold, Theodora Scott lives in the Middle East where she can wear flip-flops in January. By day she works as a business writer for an IT corporation, by night she writes a blog about her two passions: music and pop culture. A lifelong hip hop fan and student of the craft

Sarah Nias for "The Formation of Rifts"

Sarah Nias grew up overseas and worked in translation before moving into a career in print production. Returning to education as a mature student, she studied for an MA in English which inspired her to take up her own writing. After participating in several online creative writing courses she was

Emily Henderson for "Jolene"

I’m currently working as a lawyer in London, I have recently qualified as an associate in my firm’s litigation team and was given a qualification break in which I thought I would give this idea a real attempt. I am originally from the North-East and came to writing over the past few years, having

Ciara Mullaney for "Missed Connections"

I'm secondary school teacher from County Cork, Ireland with a degree in English and History and a masters in education. I've always had an avid interest in writing but have only began to look at my writing in a professional capacity over the past two years. After attending a number of creative

B. L. Charles for "Astral Hunter"

I am a UK-based scientist who spends my spare time writing speculative and historical fiction, often focusing on underrepresented voices in science and mythology. In 2021 I took the leap and started submitting work. Since then, I've won Globe Soup's short story competition and have other work

Masha Shukovich for "WATER'S CHILD"

Masha Shukovich (she/they) is a writer, poet, storyteller, folklorist, teacher, independent scholar, and intuitive chef with ancestry and indigenous roots in the Balkans; the Mediterranean; and West, Central, and Northeast Asia (Siberia). She is a mother, demigirl, neurodivergent person, practical