2023 Book Award Shortlist

Page Turner Awards is delighted to announce our 2023 Book Award Shortlist, shown in random order!

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Walt Larimore for "At First Light: A True World War II Story of a Hero, His Bravery, and an Amazing Horse"
Genre: True Stories

Walt Larimore is a best-selling author who resides in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He has written or co-written 41 books and over 1200 articles in dozens of publications. As an author, his books have garnered a number of American awards and his international writing awards include Page Turner

Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop Alsop for "DAUGHTER OF SPIES: Wartime Secrets, Family Lies"
Genre: Memoir

Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop is the author of over 50 works of fiction for adults and children under the pen name Elizabeth Winthrop. These include the award-winning fantasy series, The Castle in the Attic and The Battle for the Castle as well as the short story, The Golden Darters, read on the

Toby Oliver for "Rise and Shine - How to transform your life, morning by morning"
Genre: Non-Fiction

Toby Oliver is a registered Therapist and a teacher of therapeutic yoga and meditation. He works with people in hospitals, hospices and corporate organisations as well as private practice. He specialises in helping people deal better with anxiety, serious or life-limiting illness, and to cope with

Marcia Maidana for "The Ghosts of Lewis Manor "
Genre: Paranormal & Supernatural

Marcia is the award-winning novelist of AWAKEN: SHADOWS OF A FORGOTTEN PAST and ALIVE: SHADOWS OF A LIVING PAST. Her latest novel, THE GHOSTS OF LEWIS MANOR was published in September. And THE HAUNTING OF BLACKWATER is scheduled to be released in October of 2023. Marcia was born and raised in

Maggie Smith for "Truth and Other Lies"
Genre: Women's Fiction

In a career that’s included work as a journalist, a psychologist, and the founder of a national art consulting company, Maggie Smith has added novelist to her resume with the publication of her debut, Truth and Other Lies, in March 2022. In addition to her writing, Maggie hosts the weekly podcast

D. Liebhart for "House on Fire"
Genre: Women's Fiction

D. Liebhart is the developer of the amazingly effective How to be an Unsuccessful Novelist program. One: At fifteen, cultivate infatuation of iconic performer (Think: Bowie, but anyone unattainable will suffice). Analyze lyrics to the exclusion of other pursuits, like say homework. Set goal of

Keema Waterfield Waterfield for "Inside Passage, A Memoir"
Genre: Non-Fiction

Keema Waterfield is the author of Inside Passage, a nomadic childhood memoir set along the wild coast of Southeast Alaska. Waterfield has written for The New York Times, WIRED, Brevity, Scary Mommy, INSIDER, and others. She lives in Missoula, Montana, where she moonlights as a stand-up comic when

Marc Remus for "The Chocolate Clouds"
Genre: Childrens Middle Grade Books

Marc Remus is German painter and author of eight children's books. His novels have received many literary awards and have been translated into ten foreign languages. Remus was educated in the United States, graduated with a BA in art and illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA

Glenn Somodi for "Olly & The Spores of Oak Hill"
Genre: Childrens Middle Grade Books

Glenn Somodi writes his stories in the short space between lying down and dreaming. The stories are written over many nights, replayed, and rewritten in his head for enjoyment. His mission is to find anyone who enjoys reading the stories as much as he enjoys creating them. He is a proud graduate of

Olga Tymofiyeva for "Just City"
Genre: Young Adult

Olga Tymofiyeva, PhD, was born in 1981 in Kyiv, Ukraine. After having lived in Ukraine and Germany, she now lives in the US and works as an Associate Professor of Neuroimaging at the University of California in San Francisco. The award-winning novella Just City is Olga’s first fiction book, which

Mark Rasmussen for "The Journey (No matter how far you run, your demons always follow)"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

MARK T. RASMUSSEN is an Australian author born by the sea, cultivated in the city, formed via the world. Previously a professional journalist and editor, Mark now writes evocative, thought provoking subject matter for his adult novels and screenplays, and fun, captivating, thoughtful books for

Andrew Hussey for "There's No Deer Around Here"
Genre: Childrens Picture Books

Andy is the founder of Muddy Little Boots Publishing and is author of two children's paperback books currently. A graphic designer by trade, he decided to create Muddy Little Boots publishing during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown (2020) as a means of creating something positive from this distressing

Sara Arnold for "The Big Buna Bash"
Genre: Childrens Picture Books

I am a semi-retired elementary school teacher, originally from the U.S. but immigrated to Israel in 1981. I am the author of "The Big Buna Bash" a multicultural children's book about an Ethiopian girl and how the Ethiopian traditional coffee ceremony "brings people together". My book was published

Christer Lende for "The Beast Hunters"
Genre: Fantasy

Christer Lende is an Award Winning author who began writing in a library, which sounds fitting, only he was supposed to be there working on his engineering degree. He is a professional screenwriter, working with the Norwegian movie producer behind “One Love”, “Who Killed Birgitte” and “All about my

Thomas Henry Pope for "Imperfect Burials"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

Thomas Henry Pope gives the landscapes in his novels as much agency to influence events as he does to his characters. His narrative style draws on his passions of journalism, theater, songwriting and teaching. And his world travels provide grist for his characters and stories. After dropping out of

Jayne Doxtater for "The Box in the Closet"
Genre: LGBT

Jayne Doxtater was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and currently resides in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. A business owner and esthetician of 40 years, she is now semi-retired and loves spending time outdoors. A self-proclaimed tree hugger and chocolate lover, Jayne is