2023 Writing Award Finalists

Page Turner Awards is delighted to announce our 2023 Writing Award finalists, shown in random order!

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Scifari Irvin for "The Chameleon Bush"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

I have a veterinary degree and PhD from Cambridge, and spent twenty years in Kenya researching a disease of cattle and wildlife which no one outside Africa has ever heard of. I travelled throughout the region and worked closely with international and local scientists as well as the diplomatic

Scifari Irvin for "Of Cakes and Chaos"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

I have a veterinary degree and PhD from Cambridge, and spent twenty years in Kenya researching a disease of cattle and wildlife which no one outside Africa has ever heard of. I travelled throughout the region and worked closely with international and local scientists as well as the diplomatic

Ellie Kirby for "Pomegranates"
Genre: Fantasy

I am a Classicist turned English Teacher with a specialism in Greek Mythology and Feminist Literature. I have a published poem and a non-fiction piece in the form of a published thesis. My works look into representing the silenced voices of history.

Craig Laferriere for "A Christian Living in the Post-Apocalyptic Age"
Genre: Christian

JAC Laferriere is almost a retired scientist. He has numerous publications on a wide range of topics in vaccine research and development, from how to manufacture a vaccine to the health economics of publicly funded immunisation programs. He especially enjoys writing poems, novels and plays with a

Genre: Suspense & Thriller

Rob McIvor grew up mainly in south Lancashire but now lives in Blackheath, south-east London, with his family and two unruly cats. His debut novel, a 2021 Page Turner Awards finalist, argues that honesty isn't always the best policy, weaving together a mysterious death during the Tour de France, a

Mandy Munro for "The Circle of Choice"
Genre: Young Adult

Mandy Munro has a degree in English Literature and Psychology, lives in the northern beaches of Sydney and has travelled extensively, gathering inspiration and research for her writing. In 2022, Mandy longlisted for the Page Turner 2022 Writing Award with The Circle of Choice, the first book in her

John Enright for "The Englander"
Genre: Action Adventure

John has delivered medical aid to orphanages and hospitals across the globe, including Romania during the revolution, South America and Bosnia during the war. His autobiography, The Benevolence of Rogues, tells of the characters he encountered during his many dangerous missions, when he enlisted

Elin Daniels for "The Hollow Mountain"
Genre: Paranormal & Supernatural

I am a graduate of the Curtis Brown Creative Novel-Writing Course, winner of the 2021 Blue Pencil Agency Pitch Prize and have been long listed for Mslexia Novel Writing competitions. The Hollow Mountain is my third novel. I trained as a pharmacist, ultimately heading up a department supporting

Rosemary Hayward Hayward for "RIGHT NOT PROPER"
Genre: Historical Fiction

Rosemary Hayward is a British transplant to California where she has spent the last twenty years helping Americans do their taxes, growing from parenthood to grandparenthood and learning to write fiction. In 2017 she self-published Margaret Leaving, the story of Jenny North's search for her step

Lucien Elliott for "Blackstone's Law"
Genre: Crime

After graduating from law school in 2010, Lucien Elliott spent nearly a decade in and out of courtrooms as a practicing criminal defense attorney in upstate New York. He now works as a director of a public legal defense program. Lucien grew up the son of a lawyer who was an elected District Attorney

Maile Marriott for "Gem of Envy"
Genre: Fantasy

I’ve dabbled in writing of all sorts: news articles for the national edition of the Deseret News, poetry published in small literary journals, contest-winning short stories, and a peer-reviewed science article. I have yet to publish a novel, however. With my B.S. in Physics, my fantasy has a sci-fi

T Patrick OHara for "An Unexpected Magic"
Genre: Christian

I'm a storyteller who didn't really find my writing voice until later in life. My novels are "what if" explorations, always told in first person and present tense, allowing the reader to experience the story as I imagine I would.

Kevin Neill for "A Cypress Tree Has No Shadow"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

I recently completed a 20-year career in public health. Prior to that, my life varied from a period spent in the military as a United Nations Peacekeeper in the Middle East to employment as a refugee relief worker in a camp for Bosnian Muslims in Croatia. To date, excerpts from my novel, A Cypress

Herb Williams-Dalgart for "Jingle Boys"
Genre: Historical Fiction

Herb Williams-Dalgart is an award-winning author and screenwriter, recognized for developing rich, memorable stories, layered characters, and fresh dialogue across many genres. The grandson of a World War II veteran, Herb maintains a great respect for and fascination with “The Greatest Generation.”

Arthur Atherton Collin for "Flicking Cigarettes at the Sun"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

I have worked as an architect and designer in Britain and Australia and now live in Sydney. I draw on personal experience for my writing, having lived an eventful life full of strange, wonderful, and traumatic experiences. I completed the year-long Faber Academy Work in Progress program in 2021 and

Pamela Belle for "A Parcel of Rogues"
Genre: Historical Fiction

I'm a proud native of Suffolk, but now live in Wiltshire, divorced with two adult sons, in a small house with a garden I've made from scratch, and two loving, beautiful, mischievous and entertaining Burmese kittens. I've been writing since I was a small child, and began my first published book at

Chad Broughman for "The Fall of Bellwether"
Genre: Historical Fiction

Chad V. Broughman was the recipient of the Rusty Scythe Prize Book award in 2016 and in 2017 was awarded the Adobe Cottage Writers Retreat honor in New Mexico. As well, Chad was awarded two chapbook contracts for his short story collections––“the forsaken” and "slighted"––both published by Etchings

David Griffiths for "HOW TO HEAR GHOSTS "
Genre: Young Adult

Hi. I'm currently based in Liverpool with my partner and two children. I've worked for many years as a teacher in Further Education, teaching English, Psychology, Sociology, History, Creative Writing, Access to Higher Ed: you name it. I worked in F.E. as Head of the English, History and Sociology

Alon Lankri for "The Golems of Prague - 1939"
Genre: Fantasy

Alon Lankri is an author of genre fiction, with a focus on fantasy and satire. He has spent way too many years in academia, amassing degrees in writing, economics, management, and teaching. When he isn’t imagining new worlds, Alon dances salsa with his wife, children, and labrador and occasionally

Evelyn Blackwell for "Last Defence Against the Cold"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

Greetings from the far south-east corner of the world map! When I'm not writing or reading I'm usually making things with my hands. Shortlisted for an Aurealis award in 2016. I believe in the power of stories.

PETER Trivelas for "Grass Through Pavement"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Peter Trivelas was First Runner-up for the 2022 Darron L. Wright Writing Award. His short stories have appeared in Deadly Writer’s Patrol, Blood & Bourbon, Thema Literary Journal, Line of Advance and other publications. In 2021 his fiction was read in a WordTheatre worldwide presentation honoring

Masha Shukovich for "THE TASTE OF NAMES"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Masha Shukovich (she/they) is a writer, poet, storyteller, folklorist, teacher, independent scholar, and intuitive chef with ancestry and indigenous roots in the Balkans; the Mediterranean; and West, Central, and Northeast Asia (Siberia). She is a mother, demigirl, neurodivergent person, practical

Paulene Turner for "The Time Travel Chronicles, Secrets of the Nile"
Genre: Young Adult

Paulene Turner is an Australian writer of short stories, short plays and novels. A former journalist, she is currently editing her 6-book YA time travel series. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies and magazines in the UK, US and Australia. She also directs her own short plays for Short

Jerome Bourgault for "Day of Epiphany"
Genre: Historical Fiction

The profession of "author" was not Jerome's initial calling. Though the seed was planted in childhood, it only came about as a result of a winding and varied career that included paleoanthropology field experience in Kenya, training in the fine arts, acting for the stage and screen, work in

Rosemary ESEHAGU for "Out of the Cocoon: The Journey to Becoming"
Genre: Memoir

I am a native Nigerian with many different passions. I believe that one of the keys to happiness is finding a way to blend one’s passions and make them work together, rather than sacrificing one passion for another. I contribute to Paradoxical Chameleon, a blog about embracing one’s whole self. I am

Riv Begun for "The Last Vogels"
Genre: Fantasy

Riv Begun is a writer from Atlanta, Georgia. She combines her love of history, travel and family stories to create multigenerational tales inspired by her own family's past. She is a POSSE Foundation alumni and graduated from Boston University with a BFA in screenwriting. She has short stories in

Drew Louis for "Drainpipe Dreams"
Genre: American Urban Street Fiction

Drew Louis was born and raised in Albany, NY - the setting for his debut novel DRAINPIPE DREAMS. He later received his BA from SUNY Plattsburgh (NY) and his MFA from American University in Washington DC. Drew now lives in Albuquerque, NM with his wife and two children and works as a Best Boy Rigging

Louise Mangos for "The Secrets of Morgarten"
Genre: Historical Fiction

Louise writes novels, short stories and flash fiction, which have won prizes, placed on shortlists, and have been read out on BBC radio. Her short fiction has appeared in more than twenty print anthologies and magazines. Some of these are also online, links to which can be found on her website. She

Jeff Meshel for "We Are Decapede!"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Raised in Ohio, I’ve had a successful career as a playwright in Israel. I’ve worked as a theatre director, librettist, actor, singer and founder of an a cappella rock choir. My blog “Song of the Week” (https://jmeshel.com/sotw/) has a large, loyal readership. “We Are Decapede!” is my first novel.

Jeanne Skartsiaris for "The Magdalenes"
Genre: Women's Fiction

When I'm not writing, I work as a Sonographer. It was a great career to work in while I finished college with a degree in photography. My goal was to get my Master's degree in Bio-communication and become a Medical Illustrator. I was lucky enough to find a job right out of college as a Medical

Jon Smith for "The Arb"
Genre: Paranormal & Supernatural

Jon Smith is an internationally published, best-selling author of fifteen books and writer of four staged musicals and has been writing professionally for fifteen years. Awarded a MA in Screenwriting from the UK's Bournemouth University, his screenplays consistently place in major competitions

Stella Harvey for "Disruption"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Stella Leventoyannis Harvey is a fiction writer whose short stories have appeared in The Literary Leanings Anthology, The New Orphic Review, Emerge Magazine and The Dalhousie Review. Her non-fiction has appeared in Pique Newsmagazine, The Question and the Globe and Mail. Signature Editions published