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Naomi V. Dunsen-White is a children's author who writes books that represent children of Color. She has a passion for closing the diversity gap that exists in the children’s literature industry and believes that ALL children deserve to have books with characters who look a lot like themselves. She is a former educator and foster care specialist who seeks to make a difference in children’s lives by writing books that are educational, uplifting and inclusive.

Her two children’s books, "Johari The Great" and "Why Am I Here? A Child’s Book About Purpose" teach, uplift and inspire children to discover their unique gifts, path and purpose in life. With positive messages about family, community, self-determination, and diversity, the powerful words and moving illustrations motivate children to pursue their goals and look within to discover their greatness.

Naomi believes, "If children see themselves reflected in the books they read, it not only builds their self-esteem and self-image, but may encourage them to reach for books more often.” While always hoping to both inspire and teach, she includes reading comprehension questions in her books to enhance understanding and promote family discussion. Naomi lives in Michigan. She is pursuing a series of books to follow her debut title character, Johari.

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A beautifully illustrated and inspiring book that teaches children about purpose and exploring the unique path and place they each have in this world. Promoting diversity and inclusion, this book shows that every child, regardless of their culture, skin color or body ability, has a special purpose.
Why Am I Here? A Child's Book About Purpose
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Naomi V. Dunse… Tue, 16/08/2022 - 19:34

I truly appreciate that. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The message is straight from my heart.

Naomi V. Dunse… Tue, 06/09/2022 - 18:03

In reply to by Kelly Boyer Sagert

I am so blessed that the message of purpose rang through! Thank you so much! Our children ALL need to know that they belong. Even if they cannot read the words yet, I wanted the illustrations to show that. We love them all and need them all to know they have a purpose.

Roslyn Franken Tue, 20/09/2022 - 02:07

My mother is a Holocaust survivor and my father survived the atomic bomb as a POW in Japan. I wrote a book about their amazing story of survival, love and triumph over tragedy. How did they survive? What kept them going? They both expressed to me that it was a strong sense of purpose that gave them the continued will to live. t has been said that in those darkest times of unimaginable suffering, those prisoners without purpose would give up their will to live and perish much more quickly than people like my parents. We all have a purpose and your book gets that message out there loud and clear. Congratulations on a job so well done. Wishing you continued success!!

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