Rockskin ~ Ghosts of Christmas 1935

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A boy’s quest spans a man’s lifetime ~ in memories of attempts to make sense of existence. What is the Mystery of Life ?
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Author & Artist ~ Surreal illustrated novel published on Google Play Books. Pages with images attached in pdf.


George Edwin Mawman Wed, 25/10/2023 - 07:54

In reply to by Stewart Carry

Thoughtful appraisal appreciated. Correct on the category. Art House Literature ? Page Turner should provide a listing for ' Illustrated Novels other than Children's Books.' Anyway that philosopical historical fiction ebook has recently been subjected to allterations, professional edit and updated cover art with a view to getting a few printed, someday. Several other literary works in progress and a studio full of unfinished artwork. Read your profile with interest and admiration. Identify with your notes on writing as, 'comfort zone and personal universe, etc.' Thanks Stewart. Best wishes. Cheers, George