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Karly Caserva literary agent critique for writers

Literary agent boot camp for writers

Literary agent 121 with Yasmin Kane

Literary Agent Workshops

We have three workshops to help writers get their writing in front of literary agents. But what's the difference between the Agent 121,the Agent Critique workshop and the Agent-Ready Boot Camp?

While all three offer writers the chance to get their writing in front of a literary agent, the Agent 121 gives you face-to-face feedback on your first 2 chapters with Yasmin Kane, and the 25 Pages Critique gives you written feedback from Karly Caserza. Min Day secured literary representation with Yasmin Kane after doing the Agent 121. Read what Min had to say!

The Agent-Ready Boot Camp is where we help you get your writing ready to be placed in front of a literary agent, and then we send it out to several hundred agents who want to see submissions through Page Turner Awards. This allows your writing to be placed ahead of their query queues, but first you go through a development edit, and a proofread edit via two different editors.