Final Notice TV Pilot

Screenplay Type
2024 Young Or Golden Writer
Logline or Premise
The inventor of a watch that issues a final notice of a wearer’s death, partners with an FBI agent to stop the random murders by wearers. The murders escalate from random senior citizens to organized crime, to Russian operatives, and the targets escalate from ordinary citizens to the White House.
First 10 Pages

Our hero, DR. VIJAY PATEL, a medical scientist, has invented a revolutionary health/sports watch whose analytics are so accurate, that it can predict when someone will die – within 10, 20, or 30 days – based on the individual’s blood chemistry.

His goal in detecting the precise time of death is to help people get their legal affairs in order, revise wills, realize a last bucket-list wish, or perhaps just reconnect with family, friends, lovers, or ex-lovers. With these aims in mind, along with the promise of financial success, Vijay finds his efforts are coming to fruition. The watch is working brilliantly in early testing, and a significant IPO for his fledgling company, VitalTech, is on the horizon. But Vijay has left out one key possibility from the “to-do” list of dying watch wearers. Knowing when they would die, some people might kill… with impunity.

The incidents within Final Notice are often unrelated (think BLACKLIST), as they unfold against a consistent conflict pitting VIJAY PATEL, his wife, JENNIFER, and Vince’s colleagues at VitalTech, against a young FBI agent, ZOE BROUET, the NRA, and those who will use the Final Notice technology to achieve their own goals.

Laced with political satire, dark humor, and a dash of romance, FINAL NOTICE is a fast-paced thriller that is, at the same time, a realistic reflection of modern society.

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