The New Neighbors

Screenplay Type
2024 Young Or Golden Writer
Logline or Premise
In this dystopian sci-fi thriller, humanity will soon end. The Alien leader from the planet Gilese offers humans a chance to survive, but at a price.
First 10 Pages

THE NEW NEIGHBORS begins with three Japanese men on a fishing excursion in Catalina Island. One of them hooks a shark that lunges out of the water. When the shark’s protruding stomach is slit open—an ALIEN HEAD spills out!

Meanwhile in London, Dutch alien expert and deep-sea diver, CHARLES VANDERGLAS is interviewed on television. Afterwards Charles is whisked away and later arrives at the Catalina boat office.

He stutters as he tells the CAPTAIN that he and his beloved dog were abducted by aliens when he was a child.

After Charles gets the coordinates from the Captain, his research vessel sails to the area where the alien head was found. Charles finds a crashed UFO at the bottom of the ocean with an intact ALIEN. The alien is brought up and taken to an autopsy lab.

In 2035 Astronaut GRETCHEN SULLIVAN meets the Alien leader named CHAAHK on the dark side of the moon. Through a translating device, Chaahk tells her that the aliens are from the planet GILESE. They have been experimenting on animals and humans to make us hybrids because our air will soon change to HYDROGEN.

Back on Earth, GRETCHEN informs PRESIDENT BIXBY and his cabinet of the aliens’ intentions, but Secretary of Defense, LEWIS WALKER thinks they have ulterior motives to wipe out mankind and rules against them.

President Bixby consults with world leaders, and then addresses the American people. But not everyone is happy about becoming hybrids. They break out into pro-alien vs anti-alien fights.

The President decides to allow the aliens to hunt for their food of WORMS and INSECTS on Earth on a trial basis.

Three months later, a ROGUE ALIEN wanders around Melbourne, Australia. Most people are curious about him. Some are afraid while others are violent and won't accept him. They beat him up.

Life on GILESE is revealed with UFO’s flying onto landing pads that descend below the surface. Large cockroach-like creatures called CROATERS live on the surface and eat aliens. That's why the aliens have to live underground and would prefer to live on the surface of Earth.

As one UFO descends below ground, a BABY CROATER sneaks on board the craft.

When the UFO lands on Earth, the Croater exits. It lays eggs and sticky webs that attach to everything such as the Statue of Liberty and skyscrapers. The Croaters then eat the humans and animals trapped in their webs all around the world.

President Bixby orders Gretchen, and Charles to contact Chaahk and get him to rid Earth of the Croaters. When Chaahk appears, Charles is petrified because he was the alien that abducted him and mutilated his dog.

Humans make a deal with Chaahk. Yes to hybrids, yes to providing food—just please save us!

Chaahk’s spaceships blow away the Croaters and save us. Hooray!

A new future for all is about to begin with humans and aliens living together on Earth… and wait until you see what we look like!