2021 Success Stories

Congratulations to all our 2021 winners! Please join us in congratulating them and wishing them well in their writing journey. You can leave comments at the bottom of their profile by following the various links below. Scroll down to see a photo collage of all these winners.

The 2021 Award Winners Are:

  • Writing Award Winners: Claire Stibbe and Jaya Padmanabhanwon the Writing Award for fiction, and Ruth Millington won the Writing Award for non-fiction.
  • Book Award Winners: Zarina Macha won the Book Award for fiction and Andrea Wilson Woods won the Book Award for non-fiction. From the Book Award shortlist, six authors won an audiobook production from Spectrum Audiobooks. See the Audiobook Winners.
  • Young Writer Award Winner: Jaidyn Groth
  • Writing Mentorship Winners: Helen Rowe has won Karen Williams as her mentor. Zara Sekhavati has won Marni Seneker as her mentor. Candace Cox and Alex Johnson have won Ann Brady as their mentor.
  • Screenplay Award Winners: Jonny King won the TV series category, Martin Keady won the feature film category, Phil Vengrinovich won the short film category and LM Latham won the book adaptation needed category.
  • See our 2021 Winners.
  • You can read the winners' aspiring stories here.

Please join us in congratulating the 2021 winners.
2021 Winners Forum Discussion: https://pageturnerawards.com/forums/general-discussions/2021-winners

2021 Success Stories

Success stories from 2021 awards include:

  1. Two writers won literary management.
  2. Another seven had their full manuscript requested by literary agents, which hopefully will lead to agency representation
  3. Four writers won a writing mentorship.
  4. Six Indie Authors won an audiobook production
  5. One Indie Authors won a highly valuable publicity campaign
  6. Several other writers won various writing prizes.

Wow, a fantastic second year for Page Turner Awards!

1. Literary Agency Representation

As well as winning the overall Screenplay Award, Jonny King won literary management from Sean Dubravac from Entertainment Lab. Emma Williams was offered literary agency representation from Samar Hammam, and we're delighted because Emma's submission, The Life and Death of Agnes Grace, had a neck-and-neck race with the two winners who won.

    2. Literary Agency Review

    Several writers were asked by literary agents to see their full manuscript. If these writers are offered and accepted literary agency representation, we will update it here.

    3. Writing Mentorship Award Winners

    Helen Rowe has won Karen Williams as her mentor. Zara Sekhavati has won Marni Seneker as her mentor. Candace Cox and Alex Johnson have won Ann Brady as their mentor.

    Writing Mentorship Winners

    4. Audiobook Prizes

    Seven authors have won a publishing contract with Spectrum Audiobooks. This is a life-changing prize for these writers! Check out these Audiobook Winners

    5. Screenplay Book Adaptation Prize

    LM Latham won the book adaptation needed category, and will have her book adapted to a film screenplay by a professional screenwriter, and we will help her to promote it to film producers. Book Adaptation.

    6. Writing Prizes

    Several other writers won various writing prizes. See the list of 2021 Prizes.

    7. Surprise Winners

    While judging, we noticed some intriguing book titles and covers, so we decided to announce a surprise sub-category for:

    8. Bestselling Status

    Reid Linney sent us an email to say this:

    I just looked up my book on Amazon.com this morning and noticed it's the #1 New Seller in a Teen/YA category! I'm shocked, humbled, and grateful for all the help and support I've received. PageTurner Awards was a major turning point for me. Just being named a Finalist for the Writing Award set the whole thing in motion. Seriously.

    We love to see how our awards change lives!

    Awards Ceremony

    Even if you weren't there, you can check out our Awards Ceremony.

    Video Gallery of 2021 Winners
    Please visit our video gallery to see all the winners: https://pageturnerawards.com/video-gallery

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