Judgement Day

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In this epic poem, the forces of good and evil have chosen Angel to win their war, but ultimately it is up to her to decide. With the almighty Power To Judge inside of her, Angel bears this load as she faces challenges from both sides to fulfill her destiny.
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We all messed up

We all took a dive

We all got a ticket

For front seat of hell’s ride

We didn’t pass God’s test

We didn’t follow His commandments

And now He’s punishing us

And showing us no mercy

The human race has lost

We messed up our second chance

Now the human race

Is about to end

We’re all about to die

But not a quick or swift death

He’s going to make us suffer

Like we made Him suffer

Causing pain, tears, and heartache

Day turns to night

Blood stains the moon and sky

People run to their homes

To watch death go by

But they can’t hide

God knows every spot and place

To find the human race

He’s going to teach us a lesson

But harder than the first

And have a longer end

Are you ready for hell’s victory ride?

God starts out first

His wrath is fragile

And will hurt less

But still hurts all the same

He still loves His children

But has to teach once again

First He sends His angels

To smite out the first evil

Then He sends down

Rain and plagues

To wipe out the second evil

And as He sends down the next wave

He stops it in a beat

He looks down at His work

That’s all too familiar with thee

Tears start to come from His eyes

As He viewed the rest of our kind

He starts to rethink

And might have a new strategy

He looked down at hell

And held His head high

“You can take your ride”

The Devil looked up

With a cheesy grin on his face

“Well it’s about time”

God started to walk away

As the Devil gave out a cry

And God didn’t stop to watch

As swords, spears, and knives

Fall from the sky

The Devil hopped on his chariot

And rode up to earth

To his new home

And new playground

Ready to have, the time of his life

But up above

The moon, stars, and sky

God redoes His next test

He thought it through this time

It won’t be up to the humankind

To decide the fate

For all mankind

He made a new rule

Printed a new law

And He made sure

The news bounced off the walls

Now all He had to do

Was tell the little guy downstairs

He brought a handful of angels

To stand by his side

As they flew down to earth

To stop hell’s victory ride

The ground started to shake

As demons flew back

The Devil looked around

And growled with anger

“What is going on here?”

The angels held off the rest

While God stood in front of the devil

“Your time is being shortened”

The Devil laughed,

“Ha, you had your time

Now it’s my time”

God didn’t smile

And didn’t budge an inch

“With this new way

You can have all the time in the world”

“What new way?”

God stood in the middle of the earth

“From now on,

Humans shall decide their own fate

Good and Evil will just guide them”

“You expect me to go along with this?”

God looked him in the eyes

“You have no choice”


And the Devil attacked God

They fought on the ground

And in the air

They rearranged the whole planet

God punched him

Then they stood face to face

“This is the new law

And it shall be followed”

The demons flew towards God

As the angels flew after them

“Let it be,” He said

Darkness washed over

Lightning came down

And rain flooded the earth

God made Himself and the Devil one

As they flew up in the sky

Where they spanned and spanned

While in the air

Earth was being remade

Fire and Light were separated

Good and Evil were two different clouds

The beings flew up in the sky

Joining their rightful place

The Cloud of Fire

Went back to the depths below

As the Cloud of Light

Went up above

Earth was remade

Almost the best

Good and Evil took their place

And guided their people

It was about that time again

To fight the good fight

But Earth had to wait

Till three children were born

For thousands of years

They have waited

For their king and queen

But it just couldn’t be anybody

These beings were special

And had to pass and go through

Many tests

And overcome many trials

As suffering started

And war began

As hearts were broken

And tears were flowing

As people were fighting

And bodies were dying

Good and Evil waited

The time is here

And the time is now

Are you ready to watch?

Are you ready to hear?

And are you ready to listen?

This is a story

You’ll never forget

So grab a chair

And let us begin



I wake up one morning

With the sun in my face

And I get up to take my place

I should be smiling because it’s such a good day

But I looked out the window

And I tremble with fear

I feel inside

My spirit and my soul

Something’s about to happen

I start to get dress

And I began to open the door

I know this day

Is about to make history

I open the door

And I go outside

I stand in fear

These people around me

Have no idea

On what is about to befall on them

But I do

I’ve known ever since,

I was in my mother’s womb

You’re all probably thinking

What I thought from the beginning

This chica is crazy

She has some problems

But if you knew what I knew

And see what I’ve seen

You would be the same way

And feel the same too



I was only an egg

When I felt the first shake

At first I thought

Just another rotation

Just another fertilization

But the color was too bright

And the womb was a little bit too hot

Time and time again

An egg is always being used

But has always failed

However, this time is different

And it has marked its target

If only it wasn’t me

Quick and fast

The sperm flew to get to me

I tried to move

And I tried to hide

Nothing helped

Nothing worked

They all seemed

To move aside

I felt naked and alone

As I feel the sperm coming towards me

I looked through my future eyes

To see it speeding towards me

The egg didn’t even shake

When the sperm entered me

It welcomed it

With a great embrace

I started to cry

With my new eyes

As I began to grow

And become human with life

The sperm burned

As it filled me with great power

And evil inside

I scream with pain

As it consumes me

I feel bigger and longer

Stronger and a little bit weaker

I feel being thrown

Across this wide womb

A little bit too much

A little bit too much

I slide out into the world

Reaching out for my momma

But they pull me away

And make me watch

A knife through my mother’s heart

I pull away to catch the body

Before it fell to the depths below me

But as I reach out my hand

I see my worst dreams

Coming true to me

I see my worst fear

Has been set free

Dragons take flight

Fire brightens like light

Demons and ugly warriors

March right for me

“Hail the Queen”

“Hail the Queen”

They scream at me

I fall to my knees

And pray to God

To help me please

A hole from above

Brings down a divine light

A demon steps up

“You can’t have my queen”

“Yes I can, you stole her from me”

I look up and see a face

The face of my handsome king

An Angel of Light

I yell to him

“Kamryn help me”

He takes my outreached hand

And flew me out of there

Drokos growled with anger and fear

And took flight up in the air

Kamryn smiled and clothed me

He said that he loved me

His lips were close to mine

But Drokos dear near

And took me away from there

Kamryn followed

And they fought between me

I light and fall

As their hands let go of me

I scream and yell

“Help me”

Drokos punched Kamryn

And dove for me

They both fell for me

I hit a forbidden earth

As they fell behind me

Where we were washed and made clean

And were sent separate ways

But I knew inside

We all would meet again

But I didn’t want

To go through this again

Above in the sky

Good and Evil

Looked through each other’s eyes

Darkness growled and said,

“She will be mine”

Looking down, Light smiled and replied,

“We shall see”

Before they went their separate ways

To plan their strategies



We all got young again

And put into homes

I knew I was different

Was the first thing

I came to see

But I couldn’t tell

I had to keep it to myself

Things happened when I was around

But only little things

They all seemed to be

Playing games with me

I got thrown from home to home

Because nobody wanted me

I grew older

And I grew smarter

I was different as can be

Until I finally reached a place

That made me tremble at will

This is where it begins

This is where

Things start to count



I go to school

And people stop to look at me

All the boys smiled with glee

The girls looked at me

With fear and hate in their eyes

They all wanted to be with me

So I knew,

I had to watch my step

And I walk towards my school

But I feel a shake

I see a bright light

I felt something coming towards me

I look to my left

To see Drokos flying towards me

And Kamryn is gliding to get to me

Where we stood

Side by side

Getting ready for the war ride

And I sighed

School was supposed to be great

But it wasn’t

I joined all the sports

And did all the activities

And I went on lots of dates

Got into loss of fights

So it seemed like Evil was winning the game

Both Kamryn and Drokos spoke to me

They almost blew up the building

People laughed to see

But me, I

I tried to keep my powers

Under lock and key

I wasn’t going to let this world

Get to me

Evil knew that

And it got past me

Drokos made guys break up with me

And when Kamryn tried to talk to me

He made sure that everything went wrong for me

I grew tired and I felt weak

Tears rolled from my eyes

As pain seared my heart

Until I screamed and threw fire

Up in the air

Evil smiled and said, “That’s 10 points for me”

He knew what had inspired

Light looked down, a grin on its face

“Just wait and see”

As I started to walk away

I heard a faint sound

And I closed my eyes

I see a disaster

That I had cost

I flew to the scene

To help the men

Who were held at bay

They knew not what to do

I flew into the building

Brought the people out

And Light shines its light on me

I walk home

Taking my favorite route

And began to see demons again

They’re talking to me

“You can do it, just do that again”

Drokos came and walked with me

He planned a demon to trip me

I fell and Drokos hung over the sea

I tried to help him

He wouldn’t grab my hands

He touched my fingers slightly

And fell to the sea

The demons came down accusing

“You killed our king”

I shook my head and said it wasn’t true

As I fall to my knees

And Evil carries me home to sleep

So this is how

I came to be

For now, it is time to choose

My destiny



I take a breath and run

To the door that will set me free

I hear whispers that are saying

“Pick me, pick me”

I pick a door with light as its border

Thinking this is the right one to pick

I open the door

And I was wrong

Dragons and demons flew at me

And they were set free

I felt weak and picked another door

Death flew past me

Bodies fall to the ground

Blood stains the moon and clouds

I run to one more door

Hoping and praying

This is the right one to be

But I was wrong again

And darkness consumes me

I fall to my knees

And a hand touches me

“It’s okay my sweet,”

He said to me

“No, it can’t be,”

I answered

“Yes it can, you’ve set me afire”

I shook my head and cried

Because it was Drokos who helped me up

You see

He licked my tears away

And smoke came from my cheeks

I tried to turn my face

So he wouldn’t kiss me

But he was too strong and put his lips on me

I feel his lips on mine

As he begins to fold me

In his arms

Blood begins to trickle down

From my lips

And he opens his mouth to take it in

Then Drokos forces my mouth open

To take his blood in me

Only once could I resist

Before the thirst kicked in

Until I gave in

And with a kiss

Drew my king to be in

Drokos let me go

To watch the change

Of my eyes, from brown to red

And wings of ebony

Grow from my back

I was now their Queen

Drokos took me by the hand

“Behold my Queen,”

He looked to me,

“My beautiful Queen”

I smiled and felt fangs grow from my teeth

“I’m hungry,” I said

“Let’s go eat”



We flew from place to place

Causing chaos everywhere

Nothing was the same

Evil reigned over the earth

And I am its Queen

I like that feeling

It feels so great

But I see a dim light

And a shadow of a face

I would never forget

My eyes rolled back

As my hunger drew near

So like a hawk

I flew down and took my prey

I sunk my teeth into a man

That I had caught

And after I had my fill

I let him fall

As I watch

I began to feel a wave, washing over me

So quickly

I feel home to my king

Where something was about to be

And I was correct

Because a new demon came to town

And she didn’t like me

She also wanted my king

She looked at me with hate

“You are not my queen”

“Silence or die”

My king looked at me,

“You will apologize to my Queen”

I looked at him and frowned

What was happening to me?

Drokos left my side

And stood by his New Queen

She smiled with glee

“I brought a present for you”

Drokos smiled with hunger in his eyes,

“Let me see”

She brought out a woman

A pregnant woman indeed

I looked away from this dreadful sight

“Look! I want you to see,”

The Queen said to me

She made my face look her away

And just as I turn to see

She plunges a knife

Through the mother’s heart

And a baby pops out

Right into Drokos’s mouth

I gagged with disgust

And start to remember my birth

And my mother

I had to leave

So I began to flee

But the Queen grabs me by my hair

“You’re not going anywhere,”

She says to me

Before punching me hard

Making me fly up in the air

And then landing with a thud

“Kill her, my sweet, and bring me her blood,”

Drokos said to his new Queen

“My pleasure,”

The Queen said to her king

Before she turned and looked at me

I punched her in the face

Did a karate kick to her face

I punched her in the stomach

And tried to make her fly with my eyes

She was unmoved

Didn’t even budge an inch

Just stood there and laughed

Before saying, “My turn”

And did it all back to me

As she kicked me off my feet

She started to attack my mind

Twisting my brain and thoughts

I screamed out in pain

As her laugh echoed upon the wind

She picked me up with her eyes

Spinning me round and round

And when she released

Oblivion was where I reached



Now I am lost

Lost in time and space

And in the midst

A light shone down

And two people walked out

“Look dear,” I heard

“A poor lost stray”

I looked up at the voice

Her face started to scrunch

Her eyes began to tremble

“Kamryn,” I whispered

“Do you know her my dear?”

He looked into my eyes,

“I thought I did, she looks familiar”

“You do know me,”

And I touched his hand

Smoke came from me

“Do not touch my king”

“Be gone”

With a wave of her hand

I flew back and watched them

Walk back into the light

I stood there alone

Not on either side

Alone like Drokos said I would be

Alone where Evil wanted me to be

And where He came upon me

And asked me for my hand

“I can make you bigger than Drokos and his Queen,”

He enticed me

“No, no. I can’t”

“Look at you. You’re the demon Queen. Glowing beautifully with fire and evil”

“No, no,” I said, “It cannot be”

He made an arm and reached inside my chest

I gasped with wide-open eyes