The Karmatic Way Series: Side Effects #1

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Karma is tired of being everyone's bitch. She has her views on why life plays out the way it does. Going above and beyond humanity’s famous phrase, Karma dishes out all the goods when she follows four emotionally driven women threatened by a family secret that could tear their lives apart.
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You, humans, say I’m a bitch which is true. But I would rather be a bitch than be bitchy like some of y’all.

See, y'all pass me around in ignorance like an STD.

So caught up in the trend of the action, or in my case, a phrase, “Karma’s a bitch,” without fully knowing or understanding what it means. Plus the consequences that come with it.

Then you want to complain, whine or get sad about your life and blame me.

Let me break it down for you humans in what you call layman’s terms.

Karma is your actions.

Then, the term bitch, in regards to a female dog.

You better believe I’m loyal and will return to my owner, which is you.

Hmmmp, only a few of you humans are worthy enough for me to call a master because you’ve learned to get to know me, which is also you.

Who you are. How you are. Why you are. And most importantly what you are.

How hard can it be for real, to be you, to be human? I bet I can do it.

See I’m already a master at being myself. When you put me out there through your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions, I always come back.

I may not always come back as you think, as you want, or even to you directly.

Sometimes I come back around to or even for your friends, your family, your children, your business…. Do you get my drift now?

Are you beginning to inner-stand more about me?

I know Twinkle did to an extent which is why she was so carefree, free-spirited, and optimistic.

Treesy wanted to, Tracy’s almost and Luci, well Luci’s time will come.

Even the author Angelica, as she uses me to write this, has progressed more than where she was a year ago, actually hours ago to be honest, and technically as she writes this prologue anew. Though it took her months to do it and obey the consequences of her past action.

Mastery is within her grasp and yours too when you fully acknowledge and accept the universal and powerful relationship you have between your soul and your humanity.

It is your divine inheritance all-ready within you!

Geez, how hard can it be to know this and remember it?

But if you don't, that's okay. I’m going to help you.

And if you do know, I'm going to make you better.

On top of that, Angelica is going to help you too, it’s part of the vow she made at fourteen years of age to help people with her writings.

Though noble as it was, it was also foolish, and even ignorant of her because she missed the importance of her gift, her purpose, for herself.

So rejoice you, humans, Angelica’s mistake is your gain, because, within these pages, you’ll be getting the best natural high to take you higher in your life.

All thanks to her vow.

Because though I am Karma, I don’t personally pull the strings in your human life. I just bring back what you roped in.

Now get ready to yippee ki yay.

From the past, in the present, and to the future.

In the beginning, middle, and end.

From the seen and the unseen, known and unknown, the light and the darkness, “good and bad.”

Which is how I will be as you see me and hear me throughout the pages. Though I do hope as you see me you also see yourself. Recognize who I am so you can recognize me in your life too.

All that you were, are, and can be.

Cause there’s gonna be more.

I know there has to be more for you…and me.

Peace out,


Chapter 1

“Alright Twinkle, we're done. Go ahead and put your glasses back on,” Dr. Gail Merrill said to her long-term patient and daughter of her best friend as well.

“Thanks, Doc,” said Twinkle as she put her sunglasses back on, “how we looking?”

“You're good to go for surgery in two weeks.”

Twinkle clapped her hands at the news. She wasn't born blind but started to lose her sight at the age of five. It's been twenty years since she could truly see with her eyes, and she was scared and excited at the same time to have her vision back. What did the world look like now she wondered.

“Is your sister here?”

“Yeah, she's out there sleeping.”

Dr. Merrill shook her head, “You can still hear her huh.”

“Yep,” Twinkle said laughing.

Dr. Merrill shook her head, she was amazed at how in tune and accurate Twinkle's other senses had become since she first started to lose her sight twenty years ago.

“Come on,” Dr. Merrill said as she helped Twinkle down from the bed.

Twinkle let Dr. Merrill assist her even though they both knew she didn't need it.

As they reached the waiting room where her twin sister, Treesy slept peacefully, her snores left the waiting room anything but.

“I got it from here, thanks Doc.”

Twinkle slowly walked up to Treesy and screamed “Boo!”

Treesy eyes flew open as she screamed. “Aah!.”

Twinkle busted up laughing, “Gotcha!”

“Very funny Twink. Don't you think you're too old to be playing this game?”

Twinkle put her hand on the top of her walking stick and rested her chin on her hand, “Nope.”

Treesy got up and picked up her blanket that fell on the floor. “Aren't you going to help me out Doc?”

Dr. Merrill put her hands up, “You've been coming to these appointments for twenty years. You think you'd learn by now, Treesy.”

“See that's what I tell her,” said Twinkle, “but she won't listen.”

Dr. Merrill shook her head, “Soon you won't have to come to these appointments anymore. I'll see you ladies in two weeks,” and walked back to her office.

Treesy snorted and walked away from Twinkle but stopped when she didn't hear Twinkle’s stick behind her. “Aren't you coming?”

Twinkle slowly walked to Treesy’s side, “You mad at me?”

Treesy blew out a breath, “What do you think?”

Twinkle booty bumped Treesy, “I love you Tree, you're my favorite sister.”

Treesy smiled, “Yeah yeah yeah, I love you too and I'm your only sister,” Treesy said laughing as she draped her arm around Twinkle's shoulder.

Treesy and Twinkle walked in silence to the car for a bit until Treesy broke it, “Sooo, are you excited about being able to see?”

“I could always see,” Twinkle said.

“Just not 20/20 smart ass,” Treesy said as they walked up to their car and opened the door for Twinkle to get in.

"Thank you," Twinkle said to Treesy after she got in. Treesy shut the door, walked over to the driver's side, and got in.

“What are you looking forward to seeing first?” Treesy asked as she put her seatbelt on.

Twinkle smiled, “My face, your face, the sky, and our club.”

“Too bad you can't have the surgery done in the club," Treesy said as she started the car.

Twinkle laughed, “Wouldn't that be something," she said before rolling down her window and resting her face on the window sill for the wind to blow against her skin, as Treesy drove them back to their club.

Twinkle and Treesy Sands owned the hottest club in Omaha called Earth's Star. It was open seven days a week from 8 am-2 am. The employees were a mixture between handicapped, disabled, and not. They served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The club had rooms in the back for meetings, or for guests to use as a quiet space that also came equipped with pull-out couches and one-of-a-kind massage chairs.

The entrance was the best part. It had a red carpet runway and accessories available for you to put on before your picture was taken. Twinkle wanted to make sure people always had the choice and chance to brighten their day, laugh, and enjoy life.

Earth’s Star music was run by a special system that focused on sounds and vibrations. The club had glass decorations above the walls, and a marble floor so that the vibrations could be felt. Treesy had special headphones created so that they were specific to the club's music and sound system. The wearer could turn the music down or off to be able to hear conversations and other sounds around them.

The money to build the club was from various donors and grants that their parents had received due to Twinkle's condition and wanting to support her goals and dreams. Their parents wisely set aside funds for them and investments as well. They wanted the girls to always be together so that Treesy could help Twinkle. So when the twins were five going on six, they helped the girls with business plans that would combine both their dreams. People laughed at them and told them it wasn't possible, however, they did it anyway, and it was a success.

Twinkle and Treesy were greeted by their employees as they walked into the club from the backdoor.

“Hi Twink. Hi Tree.”

“Congratulations guys.”

“Can you believe it Tree, today is our seventh anniversary? The year of completion. Aren't you excited?”

Treesy looked at Twinkle, she loved seeing the happiness on her sister's face. As long as Twinkle was happy she was happy. Well, that's how their parents raised her. To focus on Twinkle's happiness because her future was always unsure.

“Sure am sis,” Treesy responded.

“Hey,” Twinkle said as she stopped and grabbed Treesy's arm. “What's wrong? I genuinely am sorry about earlier. I'll stop if that's the problem.”

Treesy looked at her sister, her heart broke, and smiled at the same time. “I'm fine, go do your thing. Just don't be late for tonight.”

Twinkle laughed, “Where am I gonna go,” as she turned to walk to the back of the club.

Treesy smiled and shook her head, “I've heard that before,” as she walked up to the bar.

“Need a drink,” Luci asked Treesy.

“Please,” Treesy said as she sat down on the stool.

“Have you told her yet?” Luci asked as she served Treesy the shot.

“Nope,” Treesy said as she gulped it down.

“When are you going to?”

Treesy tapped her drink, requesting another one, “After her surgery. I want to make sure everything is fine with her before I do.”

Luci served her another drink. “Will you be okay till then?”

Treesy grimaced, “I'll have to be,” and gulped the shot down.

“I'm expecting company, will you send him to my office when he gets here?”

“Sure thing Tree. Hang in there.”

Treesy patted the bar, “Thanks,” and went into the back to her office.

“So when are you going to take some vacation time bro?” Malik asked Markeis, “Isn't that why you became a PI?”

Markeis pulled up to the entrance of Earth's Star. “Well unlike you little brother I just started my business and a PI is not as popular as an accountant.”

“You still could've come to work with me for a bit to stack some cheddar. And you only older by a minute bro.”

“And a minute is all it takes.”

Malik laughed, “Whatever man, I'mma goin’ in here I'll call you when I'm done.”

“Cool, I'll park around back.”

Markeis watched to make sure Malik got inside the club safely before pulling off and heading around back. His habits of being a police officer never died, he just couldn't do the job anymore. Too much politics and not enough of saving real lives. Markeis didn't regret quitting the force, however, sometimes he did have second thoughts about going to work for his brother. He knew that Malik said work with him, however, he would enjoy rubbing it in, big brother working for little brother.

Markeis began pulling up to the back door of the club, however, slowed down as he saw a man creep up behind a blind woman. Markeis stopped the car right where he was, and got out quietly so he could follow the man.

Twinkle snuck out the back door, Treesy didn't like it when she went out back by herself, however, this was among the only time she could get out by herself. Have some me time. Growing up their parents always made sure they were together, and with Tree being older by five minutes, their parents dubbed her caregiver. It wasn't like she didn't love her sister for it, or appreciate her, she just wanted some time to breathe and live her own life, and this surgery would finally allow her to do that.

Twinkle smiled as she lifted her face to the sky.

“Don't you fucking move or I'll shoot?”

Twinkle felt a barrel against her back.

“You wouldn't rob a blind woman would you?” Twinkle asked the man.

“Hell yes, I would. You can't see me. I just wouldn't want to hurt you. So give me your money and I'll go.”

“Freeze! This is the police, put your hands in the air,” Markeis called out.

“What the fuck-” the robber said.

The robber's attention was diverted enough for Twinkle to back-kick him in the nuts, turn to take his gun, and knock him down to the ground at the same time.

The robber fell hard to the ground, “Hey hey whoa there, watch where you're pointing that thing.”

Twinkle used her stick to hit him in the groin with one hand while holding the gun over his dick at the same time, “I can't watch remember.”

“Hey hey, Ma’am you can put the gun down now. I've got everything under control.”

Twinkle smiled at the man's voice, “As do I officer,” then fired the gun.

Malik waited at the bar for the bartender to return.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes I'm here to see Ms. Sands,” Malik responded.

“Down that hallway, take a right, first door on your right.”

“Thank you,” Malik said.

Malik got up and followed the directions to the door that read Treesy Sands. “What kind of a name is Treesy?” He chuckled out loud to himself.

“The kind my momma gave me,” Treesy responded behind him.

Malik slowly turned around to see a fine, brown-skinned woman, with long black natural hair, gorgeous long eyelashes, big pouty lips he wanted to kiss, a slim fit figure, with hips to hold and a butt to boot.

“I'm sorry ma'am,” Malik finally responded.

“Can I help you with something?” Treesy asked as she folded her arms.

“Yes, my name is Malik Morrow, you called my accounting firm.”

Treesy raised her eyebrows as she took scope of her new chocolate-chiseled accountant. A human embodiment of a Hershey kiss, a manly angelic face, a faded haircut, and muscles that breathed out of his suit. Not too much though, which was good because she didn't like a bulgy muscular man. She might have to break her rule of not mixing business with pleasure. “What kind of name is Morrow?’

“The kind my father gave me. Always look forward to tomorrow. A new day,” Malik said smiling.

Which only made Treesy smile more.

“Tree,” she said while walking a little closer to Malik with her hand out.

Malik walked towards Treesy as well, closing the distance to grab her hand. “Nice to meet you.”

Treesy and Malik both felt a warm electric charge surge through their hands that traveled up to their arms, which caused them to look at their hands and then at each other.

Malik started to lean in for a kiss however Treesy stopped him by pulling her hand away. “Come into my office and let's talk “

Malik opened his eyes as he watched Treesy walk past him and opened her office door.

Malik didn't know what in the heck that spark was or where it came from. He did know that he wanted to feel it again and to see if it happened with more than just shaking Tree’s hands.

Ah that good ole electric current. What a wonderful sign right? To get a hint or confirmation that what is happening now has meaning. A sign that if they sought after and knocked, all their answers could be revealed. But hey what do I know, I'm just your future actions and results.

“Would you like something to drink Mr. Morrow?” Treesy asked, opening her mini fridge by her desk as she waited for Malik to sit down.

“Sure, I'll take some water.”

Treesy pulled a bottle of water out of the fridge and put a cup holder down at the front of her desk before setting the bottle on it.

Malik watched every move Treesy made, he felt like he was moving with her like he was a puppet and she had control of his strings. Malik smiled, he'd let Tree move him anywhere she wanted, especially if it was between her thighs. Malik could feel his dick twitch at the thought. To avoid being exposed, he smoothed his clothes down before taking a seat in front of Treesy’s desk and opening the water bottle. He was hot and needed to cool down.

Treesy was aware of Malik’s eyes watching her as she got a bottle of water for him. She had never felt anything that electric before, well besides her twin bond with Twink, but besides that. Nothing. Especially not from shaking a man's hands. Though she wouldn't mind shaking something else. “Focus Treesy,” she thought to herself. Treesy watched and smiled with amusement as Malik hid his growing hard-on before sitting down.

“You good?” Treesy asked, hiding the amusement in her tone.

Malik nodded his head as he swallowed the last drop, “That's some good water right there,” Malik said, putting the cap back on.

“So Tree, how can I help you?”

“This is business so it's Ms. Sands.”

“Okay then. Ms. Sands, how can I help you?”