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Midnight Club (Action Adventure, Screenplay Award 2023)
Where the Rock Meets the Maple (Drama, Screenplay Award 2023)
The Waiting Room (Drama, Screenplay Award 2023)
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Travis, a financial analyst with a love for comics, is kidnapped and taken on vacation to Dominican Republic, by his unique group of lifelong friends, after his girlfriend, of two years ,embarrassingly rejects his marriage proposal.
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Travis is a Comic Book Collector who works in corporate finance for a major investments firm. After being with his girlfriend, Michelle, for over 2 years, Travis feels confident now is the time to ask for her hand in marriage. Travis brings Michelle to their favorite restaurant where he has prepared a band to celebrate the moment he proposes. The band gets the table wrong ruining the surprise and leaving the opportunity for Michelle to express her stance on public proposals. The band comes over to Travis and Michelle’s table sending Michelle into a frantic panic and endless denial of his Proposal.

After the failed proposal, Travis meets his best friend for over 20 years, Jackson, who tries to cheer him up. Jackson fails to do so but comes up with an idea while driving Travis drunken self home. Jackson calls their friends Raymond, an MMA fighter, Ethan, an Ice Cream Man, and Darius, Travis older brother, with a plan to kidnap Travis and take him on vacation. The guys hatch their plan and Travis is suddenly waking up at a resort on the beautiful island of Dominican Republic with a small backpack and a couple days worth of clothes. Travis and Jackson end up having the biggest falling out of their lives as Travis works through all the emotions of heartbreak and Jackson learn as he can’t force happiness on anyone.

As the trip comes to an end, the bond between all the friends has grown exponentially after surviving a wild international vacation full of chickens, bar fights, and Jet skis. The guys make their way home where Travis, in better mental health, allows himself to begin moving on from his past life.