Completed Manuscript

Three young descendants of the Guild of Ultra Tasters navigate their ancient rules in a modern world, resulting in a series of tragedies and triumphs. They learn that their calamitous family history is never too far forgotten to stir the bitter broth of entitlement, power, and legitimacy.

Genre: Drama

A friendship between two genuinely flawed women, with hints of sleuth & murder; Crystal & JK have been there for each other always, but something bad is about to test their friendship. Jakob Troy is a small town detective with problems & a pile of missing persons' cases with no leads to follow.

Genre: Memoir

Take an upbeat mother, an uptight husband and a monosyllabic teenager. Add one global pandemic, a daughter on the brink and a son in enemy hands overseas. Top with a generous dollop of humour and divide into bitesize chunks.

When eleven-year-old William Jeffery’s grandfather dies does, he discovers he shares three things with his ancestors: a leap year birthday, magical money that returns every time it's spent, and Irish fairy magic that allows him to communicate with his dead relatives. However, The Gift of Seamus...

Lured into a relationship in which she unknowingly becomes the other woman, a high-flying career girl is forced to question everything she believed to be real, as she fights for love, sanity, and the truth.

Genre: Fantasy

Molar, a grumpy tooth, who is also the Captain of the teeth team, fails the landing mission from the space to his owners mouth. After internal strife, external discrimination, orthodontics, several decades of ups and downs with the owner, he finally knows his mission, and the owner, who has ignored...

A veterinarian accepts her Valkyrie heritage to save mythological animals.

The paths of SHEHLA and an aspiring journalist collide on the pages of a Pakistani weekly magazine, transforming the newly employed housewife into an impetus for social change.

Genre: Sci-Fi

When Agoraphobic food critic, Peter Potts, accidentally time travels 20 years into the future – he discovers he’s going to be famous. Back in ordinary time, will he work up the courage to leave the sanctuary he calls home?

A woman, who traded faith in God for trust in herself searches for a kidnapped pregnant girl that her friends, family and law enforcement insists is a figment of her imagination, and a demon horde battles an angelic host for her life as she struggles to distinguish truth from deception.

Addiction is a powerful force. However, on my journey to overcome not one but two addictions, I discovered that the mind, body, heart and soul of a human being are more powerful. Enough Is Enough shares my journey as an addict and how I learned to conquer drug addictions with my supernatural powers.

Being well gardening matters more than gardening well

Genre: Crime

He collects the last-ever autograph of those who come to his attention. All kept in his little book of 48 pages. Now reclusive Theo has stolen his latest creation and the collector wants it back.

Genre: Horror

When Wendy and John purchase some land to fulfil their dreams, little did they know that their neighbours had other ideas. Mysterious deaths occur and accidents happen to anyone that seems to want to help them. They finally realise they literally have the neighbours from hell living next door.

Genre: Horror

Edgar Hydeford, a struggling artist, shares a lockup with an obnoxious and dangerous bully, Henry. Just as Edgar secures a deal from a major art dealer and life seems to be on the up, Henry puts into motion a series of violent and horrific events that will destroy Edgar’s life forever.

Genre: Christian

Miriam, an ambitious young woman, longs to escape the confines of her small Caribbean island but as she faces the challenges of a dysfunctional home life, her own poor decisions, and personal tragedies, she wrestles with the belief that God is good.

In "The Master Key," 15-year-old Mandy, hindered by a fear of touch, confronts rogue warden Lucian with the help of her crush James, battling fears and betrayals alongside fellow gatekeepers to secure the afterlife's gates and find closure amidst darkness.

Genre: Horror

Tragedy strikes Jen Friedman when a freak gas explosion kills her husband and destroys her house. Using the compensation money, she purchases an island just off the coast of Scotland and is thrown into a world of magic, mystery and myth with the villagers, who are harbouring a dark secret.

Willa O'Keefe can't leave her room. Every time she tries, her body loses mass, and she begins to turn to dust. Researchers Nell and Chloe have explained away dozens of "hauntings," but as they become entangled in the mysteries of the O'Keefe house, their idea of reality is about to change forever.

Genre: Fantasy

A misguided student of theology named Cassandra has disturbed a sleeping Titan. As the Old One’s swarm of malevolent gods now unleash upon the world, it will be left to Cassandra to wield the powers of eternity as she attempts to save those she loves.

A troubled nineteen-year-old girl with psychological issues discovers that her consciousness can visit the mind and body of her past or future self at any point during her lifetime. Is it a gift? Time travel? Or is it all in her head?

As a 25-year-old autistic woman, my first nervous foray into dating takes me down a rabbit hole I never anticipated. Through a series of increasingly strange and intimate encounters that force me to confront a lifetime of masking and fear, I find polyamory, bisexuality and, maybe, true love.

A Seattle psychiatrist seeks redemption for his past actions by conducting a potentially-criminal psychiatric study in which he enrolls a married, successful businessman whose assumed-dead high school sweetheart has just materialized back in his life.

How can Monkford get his uninvited visitor, the Humph, to go away? Will he be stuck with the Humph forever? Or will Momma help him to figure it out?

Genre: Fantasy

When a boy's mother is kidnapped by the church, he teams up with a witch to get her back.

Genre: Sci-Fi

When a genetic scientist is kidnapped through time to 1918, her mutated son is the only one who can rescue her before her captives use her science to change history.

Genre: Fantasy

In the thrilling conclusion of the Shadow War Saga, the Three must stop the Weaver of Lies from stealing the Thuran portal before the Shadows overwhelm Ganden. The tapestry's threads are being pulled tighter as the final battle draws near against a powerful foe and his Army of Shadows.

A traumatized FBI agent seeking peace and redemption is wounded and then recruited into an experimental program that seeks to transfer his knowledge and experience into an artificial intelligence being.

Never lose hope – a photo tells why. A Northern Irish schoolgirl turned pig farmer, a German prisoner-of-war, an adopted Belfast nurse, an Irish doctor, and a German spy, are thrown together in Australia. Stars of Hope is an intergenerational family saga appealing to book clubs.

Genre: Horror

Connor McKay is a spectral guard in an ancient Scottish Castle and has been for almost 600yrs. He, along with the resident ghosts embark on a perilous quest to save the spirit guide of a well-known psychic, when a ghost hunting show hosts a live event on Halloween.

A man imprisoned for murder escapes to hunt his mother’s killer and avenge her death.

700BC. This is 9-year old Pater's year to transition from child to young man. His pater (father) will be teaching him a new life lesson every new moon beginning on the spring equinox. Pater shows Philo how to read the stars so he knows exactly how to do more than stay alive but to thrive.

A foolish young American caught during the 1837 Canadian Rebellion, is sentenced and transported to Van Diemen's Land, endures unspeakable hardships in different penal stations, has a disastrous love affair, and makes a daring escape on a whaling ship, leaving him a saddened changed man .

Before a father can reconcile with his son, one of them has to die.

Upmarket commercial fiction, this is an emotional thriller about a woman and man forced to fight the CEO who sexually attacked her and will go to any length to hide a pattern of sexual assault from investors. At the same time, each must overcome personal ghosts from their past to move forward. Sa

Genre: Sci-Fi

Homo sapiens coexisted with Denisovans and Neaderthals for millennia. But what if there were a more evolved hominid species who abandoned us. Fintan is trying to survive in this damaged world but his discovery of the Exalted threatens not only his life but the future of humanity.

In a dream, a missing father tells his daughter he was saved by MerPeople after his plane went down off the North Carolina coast…and all evidence seems to point to it being the truth.

Genre: Horror

When Gravediggers open up a supposedly empty lair, with ground that hasn’t been disturbed for over fifty years, they discover a skeleton buried in the plot. Detective George Caldwell is brought in to investigate. As he delves deeper into the investigation he uncovers a supernatural secret.

In the third book of this series, Andrew Grey travels to England with the body of his dead father. There he must work to please the English King and earn his father's title. His efforts take him to a bloody war in Burgundy, frustrating peace talks in Italy and a horrific siege in Rhodes.

A woefully undersized young giant is born to fulfill an ancient prophecy to become a mighty warrior who must win a war by not waging it.

Genre: Romance

Finding love after loss sometimes takes a little guidance. Sydney's always been a strong, independent woman, and since losing her beloved boyfriend Will, she's had plenty of opportunities to prove it. Especially when he reappears and helps open her heart to healing Marine veteran, Logan Carter.

A young girl challenges the ruthless and uncompromising leaders of her village and undertakes a quest which reveals a world beyond her village she does not know exists.

Ensnared by betrayal, one man’s chilling rendezvous with his former spouse unravels a nightmarish odyssey culminating in a battle of dire consequences.

Genre: Fantasy

Mewnoma enters into a different world to find the child of prophecy and revenge for his sister while on his journey he discovers love, friendship, and leadership.

Genre: Memoir

When he is referred to a treatment centre suffering from panic attacks, a respectable computer programmer is forced to come to terms with the consequences of his drug-taking past, including imprisonment for smuggling drugs from Pakistan.

Tyler, a disenfranchised American expat, is trying to survive his first-year teaching in the Korean Hagwon system. As his self-isolating, culture-shock induced depression gets worse, however, he will need to draw on new resources to manage his deteriorating mental condition.

If we cannot change the past can it change us?

When a privileged Norse girl is kidnapped and enslaved by Saxons, she must use her wits both to escape and to secure her destiny as the Viking Queen of Dublin.

Genre: Sci-Fi

A disgraced commander and a short-fused heroine are forced to confront their shortcomings in order to defend a planet from being devoured by a mad god.