Completed Manuscript

The paths of SHEHLA and an aspiring journalist collide on the pages of a Pakistani weekly magazine, transforming the newly employed housewife into an impetus for social change.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Homo sapiens coexisted with Denisovans and Neaderthals for millennia. But what if there were a more evolved hominid species who abandoned us. Fintan is trying to survive in this damaged world but his discovery of the Exalted threatens not only his life but the future of humanity.

Upmarket commercial fiction, this is an emotional thriller about a woman and man forced to fight the CEO who sexually attacked her and will go to any length to hide a pattern of sexual assault from investors. At the same time, each must overcome personal ghosts from their past to move forward. Sa

Genre: Memoir

Take an upbeat mother, an uptight husband and a monosyllabic teenager. Add one global pandemic, a daughter on the brink and a son in enemy hands overseas. Top with a generous dollop of humour and divide into bitesize chunks.

Lured into a relationship in which she unknowingly becomes the other woman, a high-flying career girl is forced to question everything she believed to be real, as she fights for love, sanity, and the truth.

Genre: Crime

He collects the last-ever autograph of those who come to his attention. All kept in his little book of 48 pages. Now reclusive Theo has stolen his latest creation and the collector wants it back.

How can Monkford get his uninvited visitor, the Humph, to go away? Will he be stuck with the Humph forever? Or will Momma help him to figure it out?

Genre: Fantasy

Mewnoma enters into a different world to find the child of prophecy and revenge for his sister while on his journey he discovers love, friendship, and leadership.

A traumatized FBI agent seeking peace and redemption is wounded and then recruited into an experimental program that seeks to transfer his knowledge and experience into an artificial intelligence being.