Catalina Lowe

Screenwriter, Catalina Lowe, is judging the Page Turner Screenplay Award for screenwriters

Screenwriter, Catalina Lowe, is judging the Page Turner Screenplay Award for screenwriters who are keen to place their screenplays in front of film producers for the opportunity to get them optioned and produced.

Catalina comes from a journalistic background as an article writer and editor, including editor of a newspaper, company in-house magazines and self-published booklets.

She also has extensive experience in PR- and Marketing - with working knowledge of conceptualizing campaigns and strategies, including brand development and client liaisons.

Catalina started doing scriptwriting and copywriting more than 12 years ago. This includes various assignments for radio adverts, magazine articles, essays and book reviews as well as regular guest columns on alternative health for Lifestyle magazines and newspapers.

Her bio includes:
* Screenwriting: The Screenwriting Program with The Writing Studio (Cape Town) followed by Screenwriting workshops on character, dialogue and film making. She has completed four short scripts, with another in development plus two feature screenplays in progress, one of which is in 2nd Draft.

* Holistic Health Care Practitioner as Marriage and Relationship Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Conflict Resolution Workshops and regular Radio Guest Speaker on topics relating to mind/body/health care.

• Script Coach/ Dialogue and Story Editor - one -on- one- on-line script coaching sessions, focusing on character development and dialogue/subtext. Visual Storytelling by making use of images, facial expressions, body language and behaviour of characters reacting to the human, animal, and physical adversaries to tell the story.

• Script reader for You Go Far (2016) - a UK production company specializing in content films, animated TV series and publishing mobile games.

I'm looking for an opening scene or teaser that GRABS immediately, intriguing situations, dramatic scenes, memorable characters, and sizzling dialogue filled with wit and enough subtext to make it impossible for me to stop reading. When the writing is easy and the pages flow, with the plot thickening at the turn of each page, you've got my full attention.

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