Eloise Skinner

Author and entreprenuer Eloise Skinner is judging the 2022 Page Turner Book Award.JPG

Author and entrepreneur Eloise Skinner is judging the 2022 Page Turner Book Award.

Eloise Skinner is an author, founder and teacher. Eloise trained as a corporate lawyer, and now runs her own startup focused on education and social impact. Her first book, for junior lawyers, was published by The Law Society and became an industry-standard text for learning & development.

Her second book, The Purpose Handbook, was published in October 2021 and ranked no.1 on Amazon's hot new business reads. Her third book, touching on themes of meaning, purpose and wellbeing, will be published by Hachette in 2022.

I'm so excited to start reading the submissions! I love to read work that touches on the deepest topics - for example, meaning, purpose, love, hope, identity. This is the kind of writing I find most compelling.

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