Martina Mercer

Martina Mercer is judging our 2022 Book Award for published authors

Working Mum of the Year, Freelance PR Manager and editor of Sunday Woman, Martina Mercer is judging our Book Award in 2022.

Martina Mercer is an award-winning mum of three who has endured many struggles in her life with a smile. Her story is known worldwide, while her business acumen, writing style and marketing skills are well known professionally.

She has won awards such as the Working Mum of the Year, The Best Role Model in IT, The Business Woman with the Largest International Reach and the Most Inspirational Working Woman. Martina works today as a marketing consultant to SMEs, a copywriter and an author while bringing up her three children.

I’m looking for a story that grips me from the first page, with characters I can connect with. I love originality but also a story that grips you from the start and drags you deep into another world where nothing else matters, just the characters and the plot. True escapism. A story that’s easy to read with an author who has a talent for keeping a steady pace while adding intelligent twists and turns. In short, I’m looking for an undiscovered talent that will delight avid readers.

Martina injects humour into her posts and always sees the positive side of life as she blogs about parenting, divorce, toxic people, PTSD, writing, business and marketing on platforms such as HuffPost and Forbes.

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