MAXIMUM Z - Incoming message for you - scripts wanted - Page Turner Awards

MAXIMUM Z - Incoming message for you - scripts wanted - Page Turner Awards

Media Coverage - Page Turner Awards

MAXIMUM Z - Incoming message for you - scripts wanted - Page Turner Awards

May 7, 2021 Maximum Z community, networking, screenplay, screenwriting, script, spec, television community, screenplays, screenwriting, script, spec scripts, television

Have you been productive, writing-wise, during lockdown? Got a script you’ve rewritten, tweaked, and polished? And now you’re just bursting at the seams to show the world, but don’t know where to put it on display?

Well, fret no more because your chance to do exactly that has arrived!

As done twice on this blog last year with thrilling results, it’s time once again for the Maximum Z Script Showcase!

Here’s how it works.

Email the following info here under the subject “Maximum Z Script Showcase”:



Film or TV



Awards (if applicable)

Your email (in case somebody would like to contact you about reading your script)

That’s it. Simple, no?

Two very important details to keep in mind:




The post will go up on Friday, 4 June, so you have until Wednesday, 2 June to send in your details. Anything after that will NOT be included.

So don’t delay, and send it today! Or at least reasonably soon.

A few people have asked/wondered why I’m doing this. Do I get anything out of it? Am I picking the one I like best and giving that writer an award? Is there some kind of sinister secret agenda at play?

Nope. I just like helping out other writers, and giving them the chance to put their wares on display, so to speak. You never know who’s going to be looking at the list, so why not offer up your strongest script?

And for those visiting here for the first time – welcome! Feel free to take a look around, as well as like any posts that tickle your fancy, and subscribe because you think it’s such a gosh-darned amazing source of information.

-And speaking of deadlines, the fine folks at the Page Turner Awards have asked me to pass along that the deadline to enter their competition is 31 May. They’re offering some amazing publishing prizes, ranging from mentorship to audiobook production, film rights options, and film producers looking for adapted and original material. All the details at 

Media Coverage - Page Turner Awards