Ian Lewis ~ Screenplay Award Judge

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Ian Lewis ~ Screenplay Award Judge

Ian Lewis from Farnham Films is judging our 2021 Screenplay Award.

Ian began his career in film and television drama in Austria. After which he worked his way through film cutting rooms, research, and production management in the UK before becoming a director. He has directed a great many productions, filming all around the world and winning several awards.

He produced and directed the ITV period drama series, the Chef’s Apprentice, wrote and directed the award-winning feature films Children of the Lake, and Enchantress and was Exec Producer on Plato’s Breaking Point. He developed, exec produced and wrote scripts for the worldwide smash success Mona the Vampire, and has directed Shakespeare for the stage (reviewed as “Much Ado about something very special”).

In reading screenplays I look for good stories with strong characters, where every word is important in developing plot or character or both.

He also produced and directed 52 episodes of coolcucumber TV and has written several books and many feature articles which have appeared both in print and online.

Though he is not in search of new projects for the time being, Ian is looking forward to being a judge for the 2021 contest.

Find out more about Ian and Farnham Films.