Award Recognition

Hey everyone!

Feeling inspired to share something after the excitement of the Grammy's yesterday...

It's heartwarming and inspiring to see such wonderful and creative artists, writers, producers, and other professionals get recognised for their work, especially after what's been such a difficult year. I think what really struck me is just how much hard work and talented energy has gone into the work they've done to keep us all entertained this year, and how so much of that is behind the scenes and we don't really see it as consumers!

We can do that with writing, too. Writing offers a form of escapism from the real world, and it seems to me that so many people have been writing more in lockdown for their own sanity! I can't wait for the Page Turner Awards to celebrate the wonderful talent that will come through as a result of this. It's made me even more excited for the 2021 Page Turner Awards!

Best of luck to everyone. Let's celebrate...


BreakfieldandBurkey Sat, 19/06/2021 - 21:06

Hi Charlie,

Just seeing this now, but could not agree more. Creative endeavors are fun and exciting, but hard work to do it right.

Take care, Rox