I am Lynelle Clark, a multi-genre author since 2012.

A born South African, I love my country's rich history and diverse nationalities which is a source of wonderful ideas and creative topics.

I always loved books. Since school, I got lost in the many pages of the local library. Konsalik was my absolute favourite and I read each of the translated books available. His gripping stories took me to worlds so vastly different from mine that I simply could not get enough.

In fact, when I realised he was a German author I learned the language to become an air hostess. That dream never realised due to the height restrictions of the South African Airways.

I became a housewife and raised three children. Finding peace and solace between the many books. I discovered the beauty of the countries in their way of living fascinating.

This anchored me but the craving for more was always alive.

The desire to write was a silent wish I rarely talked about, keeping personal journals year after year until I found myself overwhelmed with life in my late forties.

I never thought I could write, but my life’s turning caused a profound change. It became a trigger mechanism that launched me into a new season, and I am still exploring the various sides of writing, finding my peace within the walls of words and paper.

I have self-published 4 books and authored short stories and motivational pieces in my native tongue (Afrikaans) on a regular basis which can be read at Ink in Afrikaans and my blog, Vanuit my pen.

More books are in line, characters waiting patiently to tell their stories through my pen. I plan to publish at least three books in 2020. The stories in my mind an ever-growing source of creativity that cannot wait to come out.

To submit my story here at Page Turner Awards takes a lot of courage but I believe I am ready for the next phase in my writing.