Born and raised in central Canada, M. A. Abraham still lives on the prairies, while she writes her stories. She was known as the storyteller when she was a child, and those she told were played when they were at a loss for something to do. Her friends and her would act out the character parts, as they raced around outdoors in summer as in winter. At thirteen a friend challenged her to a writing contest, to see who could make up the best story. Well, after winning that, she continued to write, and never stopped, although her life didn't run in that direction later.

Growing up in a large family, M.A. Abraham learned the lessons of loving and acceptance. They all had assigned tasks, which were to basically help keep the younger siblings safe and guarded. There were times when this caused a few skirmishes, but that was a part of growing up. A sense of humour was essential to what was considered survival, something that was also learned the hard way.

Her family will try to tell you that she is not totally innocent in any of this and, that her humour can keep them glancing over their shoulders to see what is coming at them. There is nothing that feels as good as the sense of being able to keep others wondering if there is a new plan in place. Her off the cuff remarks and general attitude has earned her a new nicknames over the years, things like The godmother, the Evel Christmas Elf, and the Mistress of Ambush. And they say that making nephews and nieces wrap their own Christmas presents doesn't pay. Her favourite response to their remarks is to look at them with an innocent expression and say, "Moi?"

Her sidekicks, Thena and Tath, the two Siamese cats, aptly nicknamed the Gorgeous Bratz, rule her house, and she tries to keep them in line. They are spoiled beyond reason, but there are a couple of things she will not share with them, her extensive Snoop collection, and her books. The Snoopy stuffies are hers exclusively, the books are for those who want to read. The question she often asks, when people go for a signed copy. "Which would you like? Elven Warriors? Or Winged Aliens?" She has them both in the worlds she creates.