Finnian Burnett

Finnian Burnett is a professor, a writer, and a lifelong learner. They’re a doctoral student at Murray State University and Creative Writing Professor with the Southern New Hampshire University MFA program. Finn runs the Golden Crown Literary Society’s Writing Academy and will corner people at parties to talk about the thrill of finding the perfect story structure.

Under their former name, Beth Burnett, Finn published several books with Sapphire Books Publishing, including two Rainbow Award winners. A self-published book, Coyote Ate the Stars, won first place in fantasy in the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. They have also published works in various anthologies and journals including Sinister Wisdom, The Herstry Project, and the Resiliency Journal through the Calgary Arts Development.

Finn is enamored with flash fiction and has led workshops and classes on harnessing the power of story in tiny packages. They are currently working on a queer Shakespeare retelling and a novella-in-flash exploring the intersection of fatphobia and gender identity-based body dysphoria.

Finn lives in the interior of BC with their wife and Lord Gordo, the chonker cat.

Award Type
A brother and sister unwittingly take their abusive mother through the portal to another universe where they all must learn to work together to save a man they once left behind.
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9rlinney Fri, 09/10/2021 - 19:41

Shortlisted for three novels! Congratulations to a fellow Canadian (I'm originally from Wpg). Best of luck to you Finnian.

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