Paman Steer

Paman is an Oxfordshire-based writer and poet of Kurdish origin. She wrote her first novel and poetry manuscripts aged 24. She worked as an electronics design engineer, before changing career to become a counsellor and Psychotherapist within the NHS and private practice.

Returning to writing full-time in 2016, she completed a number of courses in creative writing and screenwriting. One of her poems was selected and published in the Anthology of Poets,"Voices in the Wind". A piece of her work has recently been long-listed for Aurora Prize for Writing 2021 (shortlists awaiting announcement). She is a student on the Diploma in Creative Writing at Oxford university.

She often writes about characters who infiltrate and overwhelm the reader, dragging them into their world as they navigate life, sometimes extreme events. The reader accompanies the characters on their journeys, feels what they're experiencing, witnesses them rise from the ashes transformed, strengthened by life's adversities.

She enjoys reading, cooking, painting, flamenco dancing and walking with friends through woodland along the river Thames. 

Her manuscript submission, "The Dismantler of Men's Creations," is inspired by her childhood experiences of war and her sister's graphic account of her traumatic experiences of fleeing Saddam Hussein's army artillery during the 1991 mass exodus of the Kurdish population.The violence in the first two chapters is deliberate to set the context for the protagonist's life mission of eradicating violence and dismantling patriarchy.

The second submission is a screenplay. A paranormal and psychological thriller. An intertwining tale with an eerie plot twist climax. It shows the intolerance and injustices of racial segregation in Alabama. It explores grief and, ultimately, the phenomenal power of love that transcends all barriers.

Award Type
A Kurdish survivor of genocide, heading a female army, is unbeatable in her mission to eradicate men’s violence, dismantling patriarchy yet defenceless against an English man's ecstatic love. Can he stop her running from the dangerous love that can revive her dead body but sabotage her mission?
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Kayla Henley Thu, 07/15/2021 - 04:14

Whew! What a start to a story! The action draws you in instantly and you can't help but feel attached to the characters. Definitely not for the faint of heart. It could use a little parsing down in terms of the third person narrator (is the story using an omniscient or limited one) and I would recommend sticking to either the grandmother's or Aveen's POV with a third person limited narrator but other than that it's a solid start that hooks the reader and sets the scene and conflict for the rest of the story quite effectively. 

Paman Steer Thu, 07/15/2021 - 14:01

In reply to by Kayla Henley

Thank you, Kayla, I really value your feedback on my story "The Dismantler of Men's Creations". The story uses the first person narrator in Chapter 1, but from chapter 2 onwards, apparently uses an omniscient one. Readers will discover, only at the end of the story, that there has been only one narrator all along. changing from embodied first person in chapter 1 to disembodied omniscient  from chapter 2 onwards. How would this impact the reader?  But At this draft stage, I am open to changing this narration arrangement to what be the best experience for the reader. I am open to others opinions. 

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