2021 Screenplay Award Finalists

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Page Turner Awards is delighted to announce our 2021 Screenplay Award finalists. Please join us in congratulating these aspiring screenwriters by leaving them a comment at the bottom of their finalist submission (click 'see more') or join in the discussion in our finalists' forum.

The finalists' listed below are shown in random order for all screenplay categories, which include, Film Script, Documentary, TV Series, Short Film, and Book Adaptation Needed. Wherever you see two of the same face, it's not a mistake, those writers are to be applauded for having more than one submission reach the finals!

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D.A. Holdsworth Holdsworth for "How to Buy a Planet"

D.A. Holdsworth entered adult life as a linguist and a student of French and German. After graduating, he took a detour into the world as finance, working as a trainee fund manager during a period that took in the bursting of the tech bubble and 9-11. After two turbulent years, he left to build a

Paul Hollis for "London Bridge is Falling Down"

Paul Hollis is an American author of fictional terrorism and espionage. His bestselling and multi-award winning novels in The Hollow Man Series follow a U.S. Government analyst in a trilogy of suspense across Europe. The first two books in the trilogy are Amazon #1 bestsellers - The Hollow Man (also

Simon Frederick Frederick for "The Untold Tale of Morgan Berkeley"

Simon Frederick (the other one) I work in feature film/TV production/development, and a writer of film, TV and content. Aiming for the writer/director/producer triptych, but mostly focussed on screenwriting. I moved to London in 2015 after realising my master's in Biomechanics was more likely to be

Jacqueline Kowalczyk for "The Depths of Deception"

Jacqueline Kowalczyk is a member of Jericho Writers and is currently working through their Ultimate Novel Writing Course. In April 2021, her first children's book was published by Carl Ed Schunemann KG in Germany, but her heart belongs to thrillers. She's writing a thriller/psychological thriller

Maria C. Palmer and Ruthie Robbins for "On the Rocks"

Maria Costanzo Palmer (nominated for On the Rocks and What I Learned on the Bus) was named as the 2021 Finalist for the Page Turner Awards in the Screenplay Book Adaptation Needed category for On the Rocks. Maria’s writing has also been recently recognized by Gov. Phil Murphy, who sent her a

Mira Harrison Harrison for "ADMISSIONS"

Mira Harrison is a doctor-turned-writer, brought up in Watford and trained in the British NHS, now living and working in Aotearoa New Zealand. Mira has written two medical text books and two works of fiction. Her collections of short stories focus on women's lives in hospital settings, with her

Barbara Claypole White for "THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR"

Bestselling author Barbara Claypole White was born in rural England, but writes and gardens in the forests of North Carolina. Her passion for chipping away at stereotypes of mental illness inspires quirky stories about courageous characters with invisible disabilities, complicated relationships, and

Astor Steele Curran for "Dead Sun: Lady of Londinium"

Sara Curran is an established author writing Young Adult/New Adult Sci/Fi, Steampunk, Gothic & Cyberpunk Fantasy and contemporary romance novels under her pen name Astor Steele. Her writing career began and also still continues in the world of romance in which she has been extensively traditionally

Joe Heath for "Road Trippy"

On a website on the internet there lived a Joe. Not a hot, caffeinated Joe, splashed with cream and a roasty smell, nor yet a cotton-eyed Joe with over-played lyrics and a catchy beat: it was a writer Joe, and that means humor. Or something. Joe Heath writes, directs, films, produces, and acts in

Thomas Holowach for "The Kallikak Crusade"

Tom Holowach is the retired Manager of Paliku Theatre at UH Windward Community College. He has a BS in Speech and Theater, and won three HSTC Po'okela Awards for Leading Male in a Drama and Musicals. He had lead roles in "Under the Blood Red Sun," "Deadly Honeymoon," and "Hawaii Five-0." In Los

nicola green green for "The Split"

Studied at AFTRS (Australian Film, Television and Radio School), Sydney, NSW. Currently writing a sequel to my biopic feature The Split, entitled The Reunion. I have dual nationality, born and raised in London, UK, moved to Australia over 25 years ago, where I have lived in Adelaide, South Australia

EJ Scrimger for "Sleeping Beauty's Prince"

I am a big fan of 'What If?' This simple question has led me on many adventures. What if I moved to California from Maine? Nope! I am such an East Coast girl. What if I moved to Virginia from Maine? Yup! That's where I met my husband and started my next adventure (3 kids, 31 years and counting). We

Justine Gilbert for "Cousin Daisy"

Justine Gilbert's current novel, Daisy Chain, is due to be published in March 2023 by Claret Press. It is historical fiction about the women who surrounded Roosevelt's presidency. Seen through the eyes of his sixth cousin, Daisy Suckley, it highlights the influence these women possessed. Justine is

Penny Berlin Berlin for "Forever Catalunya"

Penny Berlin has had a varied life. She worked for the famous Molton Brown hair salon in London’s West End. With this rich experience under her belt she eventually worked on Holland America Cruise ships, visiting The United States, Bermuda, Caribbean, Mexico and Canada. Later spending 30 years in

Stephanie Gray for "Persephone"

I'm an actor and aspiring screenwriter from the UK, and I want to share stories full of heart and humor that celebrate the human experience and make people feel less alone. I would love to create a television series with a character rooted in modern reality journeying through a fantasy world, such

Judge Leonia J. Lloyd for "Your Honor, Your Honor screenplay award"

Following her gifts and talents, Leonia found the meaning to her life by helping others when she became a teacher, lawyer, judge and motivational speaker while holding on to her core values of respect, humanity and justice in the face of racism and sexism. Laying the necessary groundwork, she earned