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Nikki Auberkett for "Prax"
Genre: Paranormal & Supernatural
A deadly storm, a miraculous survivor, and a horrific new ability may be the only chance of survival for two kidnapped girls. The first of a four-book series, Prax blends global mythologies with torn-from-the-headlines realism to confront the issues of human trafficking in the American Midwest.
Anne Allen for "Echoes of Time"
Genre: Drama
Betrayal, injustice and revenge echo down the years from the German Occupation of Guernsey until the present day.
Toby Oliver for "Rise and Shine - How to transform your life, morning by morning"
Genre: Non-Fiction
Do you rise and shine or rise and whine? The way you start your morning matters - it sets the tone for the rest of your day, shaping your mood, focus and productivity. In Rise and Shine, psychologist Kate and therapist Toby share their innovative way to creating good mornings: the S.H.I.N.E. method.
Naomi Lamont for "The Devils' Cradle"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller
With the aid of a mysterious man, a woman and her son go on the run from an abusive husband and his brother – a sadistic cop – only to discover her rescuer has his own plans for her.
Dianne Beeaff for "On Traigh Lar Beach"
Genre: Short Stories
Erica Winchat, a young writer overwhelmed by the tress of her first book contract, discovers thirteen curious items tangled in the flotsam on the Scottish beach of Traigh Lar. Inspired by the objects, she tells the intriguing story of the owner of each one.
Jan Foster for "Destiny Awaiting"
Genre: Fantasy
To avoid causing a battle between their races as well as defeat the French army, fae runaway Aioffe and human thief, blacksmith and bowman Tarl must discover what true love is if they are to survive the destiny which awaits them at Agincourt. A historical fantasy romance set during Henry V’s reign....
Judith Watkins for "Stones in my Bra"
Genre: Women's Fiction
A monarchy-mad, chaotic mum-of-three, caught between a possibly unhinged father, indifferent, anti-royalist husband, truculent kids and lacklustre job, tries to silence the critical voices in her head and make peace with her colourful past by embarking on a rollercoaster ride of New Age practices.
D. Liebhart for "House on Fire"
Genre: Women's Fiction
Bernadette Rogers thought she’d do just about anything to best her perfect sister. But when her mother asks her to euthanize her father who’s suffering from dementia, she’s forced to rethink how far she’s willing to go to be the good daughter.
Clare Bland for "The Long & S.H.O.R.T. of Coping with Covid"
Genre: Non-Fiction
A personal story of recovering relatively quickly from a post-viral illness like Long Covid two years before Covid came along, then using the how and why to avoid severe long-term post-viral illness after catching Covid.
Jamie Garzot for "Unconventional: A Memoir of Entrepreneurism, Politics, and Pot"
Genre: Non-Fiction
Pioneer cannabis CEO gets down and dirty in the political and regulatory trenches of California’s greenest industry.
 An inspirational story about believing in yourself set in one of the US’s wildest emerging industries, Unconventional shares insightful life lessons beyond business and cannabis....
Cathy Kreutter for "Something Old, Something New"
Genre: Childrens Picture Books
Joseph's oversized school uniform begins this Ugandan adaptation of a favorite Jewish folktale. As both Joseph and his Grandfather grow older, that shirt transforms into many objects to help Joseph in school. Readers will enjoy guessing what object will come next. Joseph sings the story at the end.
Brittney Brackett for "My Safe Place "
Genre: Childrens Picture Books
This unique and beautifully illustrated children's picture book of positive affirmations is a fantastical journey of wonder, mindfulness, and empowerment for children and preteens ages 4-12.
Frederick Douglass Reynolds Reynolds for "Blac, White, And Gray All Over; A Black Man's Odyssey In Life And Law Enforcement"
Genre: Memoir
Black, White, and Gray All Over; a Black Man’s Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement compels us to take a brutally close-up view of the poverty, trauma, and violence of Black inner-city life in the United States, which the author lives through first as a young man yielding to the temptations of crime...
Stephanie Haxton for "Exposed to All Villainies"
Genre: Historical Fiction
Three women; three lives ravaged by civil war; one Cornish destination Their tangled fates depend on past choices and the choices they still have to make but they have one thing in common … they are women in a man’s world, which will leave them exposed to all villainies.
Marlene Bell for "Copper Waters"
Genre: Mystery & Cozy Mystery
A rural New Zealand vacation turns poisonous.
Tina Davidson for "Let Your Heart Be Broken, Life and Music of a Classical Composer"
Genre: Memoir
Tina is 3 when she is adopted from Sweden by an American professor. She studies music, becomes a prolific pianist and composer. But something about her birth remains unnamed and hidden. She returns to Sweden, contacts the adoption agency. Come, says a voice on the phone, I have information for you.
Pam Henry for "A Saucer Full of Secrets"
Genre: Childrens Middle Grade Books
Alban the cat couldn’t have known how his life would turn out as he lay abandoned in the snow that winter. But from the moment Sedu, a twelve-year-old foundling rescued him, it’s been a whirlwind of magic and adventure!
Kathleen Bailey for "Silence Says the Most: An Olivia Penn Mystery"
Genre: Mystery & Cozy Mystery
Five days before Halloween, fall turns frightful in Olivia’s hometown when a child’s drawing implicates her as the key to solving a murder tied to a mysterious algae bloom at a park lake. Motives abound, suspects are plenty, and the only witness to the crime is a boy who doesn’t speak.
Kirsten Pursell for "Long Enough to Love You"
Genre: Women's Fiction
A coming-of-middle-age novel that challenges the assumption that the status quo is as good as it gets. One woman’s journey to put the pieces of her life together in the most meaningful way — at times chaotic, at times cathartic, but ultimately beautiful in all its imperfect pieces.
Mark Rasmussen for "The Journey (No matter how far you run, your demons always follow)"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
One man’s journey to escape fatherhood and find himself is impacted by events that will reveal more about him and his nature than the strange characters he meets on his odyssey. Ultimately, THE JOURNEY is a story that shows no matter how far you run, your demons always follow.
Adebola Ajao for "Empowered Woman: Five Principles for Living Your Best Life and Fulfilling Your Potential"
Genre: Non-Fiction
Empowered Woman is a book inspired by life journey and experience. It was written to inspire and empower ordinary women who wants to be extraordinary and fulfill their life's potential.
Benjamin Ryan for "Beckoning of the Gate"
Genre: Young Adult
When Santha stumbles upon a small, rusted key in her home forest, it seems her silent pleas for a new life have been answered. Thrust into a world only glimpsed in childhood stories, Santha sets out to unlock its secrets. But as the key’s influence grows, a choice must be made: survival or sacrifice...
Phill Featherstone for "The Poisoned Garden: Leopard's Bane Book 1"
Genre: Young Adult
Half-brothers Peglar and Ragul compete for their father's legacy. Ragul, always a bully, does what he can to get ahead but is frustrated as Peglar avoids his traps. Ragul challenges his half-brother to settle it by fighting him in the dreaded cage. Only one of them can survive. Which will it be?
Phill Featherstone for "Paradise Girl - REBOOT series book 1"
Genre: Young Adult
Kerryl is alone when everyone around her falls victim to a fatal virus. Her situation affects her mental state and she dreams someone else is there - Adam, a boy who becomes increasingly real to her. It's not until the final pages we learn the truth about Adam and what has really happened to Kerryl.
DW Long for "Great Big Breath"
Genre: Childrens Picture Books
Does your child ever feel anxious, sad, or mad, and doesn't know what to do?
 If your answer is 'yes', then Great Big Breath has the answer for you!
 Great Big Breath, written by respected psychotherapist DW Long, teaches children and parents a simple and easy-to-learn mindful breathing technique....
Phill Featherstone for "The Rhymer's Daughter: Leopard's Bane Book 2"
Genre: Young Adult
Peglar is exiled. If his half-brother's men find him death awaits. Yalka, a girl from the slums Peglar met in Book 1, blames him for the fire which has killed her brother. Fate deals them blows which force them together but before they can reunite they face challenges which could destroy them both.
Cassandra Aston for "Grave Secrets"
Genre: Fantasy
Life feels infinite when you're young, but Allie Graves knows all too well that she's living on borrowed time. Six years ago, she made the deal of her life in exchange for service to angels. Now her six years of service are up and returning to her mortal life comes with some serious consequences.
Ali Dent for "The LITclub, Transform Reading into an Experience"
Genre: Non-Fiction
"The LITclub is your guide to turn reading the classics into an immersive, fun journey. Discover tools to enhance comprehension, foster critical thinking, enjoy themed meals, and ignite a shared love for literature in your family."
Helen Garlick for "No Place to Lie. Secrets Unlocked, A Promise Kept."
Genre: Memoir
On St David's Day 1981, Helen receives a phone call in St Louis from her distraught father in Yorkshire, leading her to a heart-searing path of discovery. Her brother David's shocking death at twenty in a remote mansion triggers a quest to unravel truths shrouded in secrets and silence.
Kate Jones for "Shadows of Darkness (Daughter of Destiny - Book 1)"
Genre: Fantasy
When fates collide, a race to find the hero of an ancient prophecy begins, forcing a young woman to face not only a dark and ancient evil hell-bent on revenge, but her own fears, self doubt, and disbelief in magic.
Alan R Warren for "Murder Times Six: The True Story of the Wells Gray Park Murders"
Genre: Non-Fiction
It was a crime unlike anything seen in British Columbia. The "Wells Gray Murders" almost forty years ago transcends decades. On August 2, 1982, three generations of a family set out on a camping trip. The Johnson car was found off a mountainside road completely burned out.
John Danenbarger for "Entanglement-Quantum and Otherwise"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller
This novel will make you feel its worth and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! The entanglement of eight main characters will make you deeply invested in their lives. As you get to know them and their story, the suspense builds and you can hardly imagine what could possibly come next.
Sean O'Connor for "Blood Ever After"
Genre: Horror
The one book that will change your life … for the worse.
Cheryl Burman for "River Witch"
Genre: Paranormal & Supernatural
‘You and I are not ordinary folk, little mistress. We are wise. We call the river by her goddess name, Sabrina.’
Andrew Hussey for "Any Trout About?"
Genre: Childrens Picture Books
Every weekend Charlie and Dad watch excited families feeding the trout in the town stream. Today, it’s Charlie’s 
 turn... but why are there no trout about?! Charlie and Dad embark on a riverside adventure to search for the elusive trout in the wild – and meet lots of animal friends along the way!
Christer Lende for "The Beast Hunters Blood Oath"
Genre: Fantasy
A new king reigns over Ashbourn, relentlessly spreading his plague to every soul in the city. Ashbourn plunges into despair as his dark power turns citizens into mindless fanatics. Ara's tainted arm and connection to the dark ruler might be Ashbourn's only hope, unless it's all part of his plan.
Grace Blair for "Einstein's Compass a YA Time Traveler Adventure"
Genre: Young Adult
Cosmic forces clash around a budding scientist on the cusp of his greatest discovery.
JONATHAN FLUHART FLUHART for "Super Moon Protocol"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller
Fifty years ago a vicious animal attack sparked by the lunar calendar destroyed a small farming family. Today that same lunar calendar event will occur again. The question is, will the same vicious animal attack recur on a global level? If it does, will it drive man into extinction?
Krissy Baccaro for "Buried Secrets"
Genre: Mystery & Cozy Mystery
A mysterious disappearance. A dark family secret. And the worst has yet to come. Ella will do anything to set the truth free and he will do anything to stop her.
for "The Goddess's Wards"
Genre: Fantasy
What will happen when the werewolf pack decide to turn their backs on the promise their ancestors made to the Moon Goddess? When people go missing and the dead rise again? Discover the truth about the people who were called the Goddess’s Wards.
Wendy Adair for "The Broken Hallelujah"
Genre: Historical Fiction
Twisting between the sounds of war in 1969 Vietnam and the domestic scenes of 2019 Houston, The Broken Hallelujah follows a woman’s quest to discover the truth about her grandfather, MIA in Vietnam, to bring him home before her grandmother’s memories are lost, and find her own truth to begin again....
Thomas Henry Pope for "Imperfect Burials"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller
US correspondent Finn Waters travels undercover deep into the Soviet Union chasing a story that will expose the truth about an unsolved WWII massacre and escapes only to find he has become a spy without a country.
Thomas Henry Pope for "The Last Redwood Circus"
Genre: Drama
A young Native American battles an international wine conglomerate intent on clearcutting a stand of old-growth redwoods where Gold Rush settlers massacred his ancestors. When his heroic voice falls short of what many people hope for, a world-class high wire diva steps into the breach.
Evie Alexander for "Love ad Lib"
Genre: Romance
Shy and reserved Lord Henry Foxbrooke needs a fake girlfriend. Free-spirited actress Libby Fletcher needs a job. But as friendship blurs and faking it starts to feel a little too real, disaster strikes. Can Libby and Henry stick to the script, or has their entire act just bombed?
for "A Few Bumps"
Genre: Romance
Two people meet by chance on an airplane during a holiday snowstorm. She needs a place to stay; he invites her to his parents' home. He doesn't count on the chilly reception his mother will extend--or the interference a certain ghost-mother will run for them.
Heather Peck for "Tails of Two Spaniels"
Genre: Childrens Chapter Books
Springer Spaniel Patch has four puppies on the farm where she lives with Marigold the House Cow, Gertie Goose, Sally-for-short the Sow, and lots of worried woollies. But the puppies can't stay forever, and they have a lot to learn.
mary murphy for "The Emerald Diaries - Secrets of an Irish Clan"
Genre: Fantasy
Does she hail from a matriarchal lineage of madwomen? Or an ancestry of female power and purpose? The discovery of an aged mysterious book sweeps Norah into a whirlwind, exposing ancient Irish family secrets and traditions, all stemming from her foremothers through the ages of Ireland.
Deborah King for "Glory Unbound"
Genre: Women's Fiction
She fled from her abusive mom into the controlling arms of her older suitor. Now she's trapped in a gilded cage from which she may never break free. Glory Unbound is the dramatic second book in the Glory Bishop women’s literary fiction series.
Lisa Selvidge for "The Magic Campervan, Book 1: The Forbidden Slide"
Genre: Childrens Chapter Books
'Merida, the magic campervan, is a fantastic creation - a kind of modern-day Mary Poppins crossed with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang... With wild travels, humour and a glorious journey, this is a story for children and adults to enjoy together.'
Phil Johnson for "Run to the Blue"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller
...Breaking News!... top TV reporter Tess Anderson is on the run! Her husband’s affair with a Government Minister has been exposed and a London crime boss has ordered her death. She was last seen in the Greek islands with a mysterious American yachtsman....more follows...