2022 Writing Award Longlist

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Raymond Paul Johnson for "The Raven Society: Conspiracy Ignited"
Genre: Crime

Like the protagonist of my debut novel, I’m a trial attorney and former CIA combat pilot. I’m also principal co-author of Defective Product: Evidence to Verdict, Juris Publishing/New York, and author of over 50 law-related magazine articles. Additionally, I’ve served as legal consultant to the Los

Celia Quartermain for "Collateral Damage"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

I was born in Berlin, and grew up in the Army, moving from place to place. All of the work I've done in my adult life has been in the worlds of media/entertainment/storytelling. I started in the office of the Anna Scher Children’s Theatre in Islington in the early 1980s’, leaving to move to a small

Paula Sewell for "The Whitechapel Club"
Genre: Historical Fiction

I'm an award-winning screenwriter with an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA. I've written my first novel entitled THE WHITECHAPEL CLUB. I'm a member of Sisters in Crime and MWA. Originally from Denver, I lived most of my life in Los Angeles and have recently moved from Toronto, Ontario, to Atlanta, GA

Victoria Osborne for "Heartwood"
Genre: Historical Fiction

My writing has been performed on stage and screen. I’ve worked in tv script departments as storyliner, script editor, and writer. My Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing led to two novels on Amazon, one of which was Commended in the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for an Unpublished

Deb Campbell for "The Trouble with Trees"
Genre: Childrens Middle Grade Books

Since 2020 I've been lucky enough to have had two stories make the Page Turner Awards longlist and be a finalist. And to have been chosen as a finalist for a third time is absolutely amazing. The idea for my latest submission grew from time spent in a local woodland during lockdown and was written

Peter Fothergill for "The Boat Equation"
Genre: Sci-Fi

Peter Fothergill grew up in the far north of England. His early story-telling passion was fulfilled by designing and coding video games and composing and recording music. Writing was the next logical step. He studied computer science at university and has worked as a software engineer in London ever

Natalie Goes for "The Green Lightning"
Genre: Fantasy

Natalie Goes was born in Siberia, has lived in six countries, speaks three languages fluently and two more badly. Her love of languages can only compare to her love of good books, and her library card gets quite a workout. The unique challenges faced by military families, as well as fascinating

Michael Bowe for "The Enduring Echo Of Words Unsaid"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

In 2020, Michael Bowe's second novel, The Weight of a Moment, won the American Fiction Award for Literary Fiction. A graduate of Georgetown University and a recipient of a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Mr. Bowe is an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur, investor, and novelist, and a

Greg Bayer for "Return to Baghdad"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Like Professor Stillman in his novel RETURN TO BAGHDAD, Greg Bayer was a philosophy prof, mostly at St. John’s College, Santa Fe; while he's published many papers in academic journals, RETURN is his first real foray into fiction. Like Stillman, he worked at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad in 2006-7, as

J.A. Adams Mondello for "Bomb Cyclone"
Genre: Historical Fiction

Author of Pillars of Salt, J.A. Adams has been immersed in various cultures while living on the east, west, and gulf coasts. After completing a Ph.D. and a sixteen-year teaching career in English composition and literature at Louisiana State University, Adams is happily retired in Colorado to a full

Maggie Humm for "Radical Woman: Gwen John & Rodin"
Genre: Historical Fiction

Following academic books on feminism, art, and Virginia Woolf, I gained a Diploma in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia/Guardian and am honoured to be shortlisted for prizes, including the Impress and Eyelands prizes. I was mentored by The Literary Consultancy, and Gold Dust. A

Maria de Luca for "Prospect Avenue"
Genre: Historical Fiction

I’m a writer in search of an audience. Looking for an agent, a publisher. Oh, and a film producer too. That’d be nice. My flash fiction story, BE WITH YOU AGAIN, was a finalist at the West Atlantic Writing Awards in summer 2021. My screenplay, WOODEN HEART, was a finalist at the London International

Jayden Cox for "The Shadow of Galahan"
Genre: Fantasy

My name is Jayden Cox, and I'd like to think that I have an infinite imagination. My only goal is to share it with the world. I developed a love for writing during a very hard battle with anxiety that I still fight to this day. I have found a way to channel my imagination into positive energy

Vanessa Croft for "That Known Darkly"
Genre: Historical Fiction

I am a lifelong reader and hobby writer. Born to an English, civil-engineering family I started writing as a child when my father was posted to a country without television and only one small library, and I was obliged to entertain myself. A passion for storytelling has never stopped, and I

Peter Kesterton for "Toys in the Tree"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

I was born in Manchester to Irish parents, I went to Bristol University and then Oxford where I studied physics and astronomy. I then worked at the BBC, firstly on the technical side as a studio manager and sound engineer, and then later as a journalist and producer in news and documentaries

David Tenenbaum Tenenbaum for "Survivor Andromeda"
Genre: Sci-Fi

David Tenenbaum is a novelist and screenwriter from Richmond, VA. He’s written six books including a cli-fi thriller The Lost Tide, which was shortlisted at the Eyelands Book Awards and its sequel The Lost Tide: Playing with Fire, which received the Kops-Fetherling Legacy Honorable Mention Prize.

Graciela Kenig for "The Plans They Made"
Genre: Action Adventure

Graciela Kenig is an accomplished writer with extensive experience as a features journalist, online forum contributor and career columnist. Her book, BEST CAREERS FOR BILINGUAL LATINOS, 1998 McGraw-Hill, is still relevant today. Her trajectory in Communications includes Media and Public Relations

Rajan Nair for "Regicide in Pulivaalgiri"
Genre: Young Adult

I have been an advertising copy writer for more than 30 years now, and have won over 150 national and several international awards for excellence in creativity, for some of the biggest brands in India. I finally took time off and wrote a novel. This is my first one, and it’s about 30 years late in

Harriet Garfinkle for "Waltzing On Our Knees"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

My short fiction has appeared in The Conglomerate, Open: The Journal of Arts and Letters, RiverSedge, a publication of University of Texas, and Gris-gris Online Journal of Literature, Culture and the Arts. I have received several Effie Lee Morris awards from the WNBA-SF Chapter. I am an alumna of

Steve Blayney for "The Authority"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

My name is Steve Blayney, I am 56 years young and a fiancé (soon to be husband), a father and a grandfather, as well as an aircraft safety engineer. After leaving school at the tender age of 16, I joined the Royal Air Force and proudly served Queen and country for fifteen years. Upon leaving the RAF

David Aboulafia for "The Heartbreak Hotel"
Genre: Horror

I am an attorney with a practice in New York. I've published three books through John Hunt Publishing ("JHP,") as well as 13 articles in local and national publications on topics including watchmaking, wheelchair sports, baseball, food & drug law and politics. My first novel, Visions Through a Glass

R.M. Lewis for "The Alchemist"
Genre: Fantasy

Nurse by day. Dark fantasy writer by night.

Victoria Brown for "Darling Girl"
Genre: LGBT

Victoria is a writer of sapphic thrillers and women's fiction, based in Cambridge, UK. Her novel, 'Darling Girl', won the 2022 'I Am In Print' thriller competition and a place on the Curtis Brown Creative Advanced Crime and Thriller course. She has had a number of flash fiction pieces published

J.C. Michaels for "The Mind of Master Khang"
Genre: Young Adult

J. C. Michaels is an award winning, critically acclaim novelist published in more than twelve languages. His educational background includes physics and mathematics as well as degrees in music performance and neuroscience. His professional work includes more than a decade as an adventure travel

Sophie Morton-Thomas for "Bird Spotting in a Small Town"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

Writer of psychological thrillers with a feminist focus. Currently studying at Cambridge University, UK. I like to write dark stories but the good will often prevail. I live in West Sussex in the UK with my husband; I have three kids too and some cats. I'm an English teacher during the day when I'm

David Atkinson for "Future Proof"
Genre: Comedy & Humour

Hi Everyone, I'm an Edinburgh based writer. My first novel Love Byte was published by Joffe Books and was shortlisted for the Romantic Comedy of the Year by the Romantic Novelist Association (RNA) Subsequently I have written two further novels to date, Squeezed and The Second Life of Nathan Jones

Sam Clarke for "The Walls of Shimar"
Genre: Young Adult

Sam Clarke is addicted to rock music, coffee, and Japanese manga. Her first novel, The Twelfth Ring (a Page Turner Awards finalist and a BBNYA semi-finalist) reached #1 in the Amazon Young Adult Thrillers charts. Her second book, The Templar Sword (a Page Turner Awards finalist and Ink and Insights

Genre: Young Adult

Dr. Doug Levine is a physician scientist. He is the primary author or co-author of 200 publications in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, and meeting abstracts, and is lead author on a new narrative review focused on health care reform in the United States. Complementing his technical

I. R. Fox for "The Goldweaver"
Genre: Fantasy

When I hold a book in my hands, it’s a key. It’s a key to another person, another world, another adventure. My favourite books are those that are imaginative and fantastical, by authors who have thought beyond the realms of our own understanding and existence, and created something else. This is

Scott Rose for "Death on the Fells"
Genre: Mystery & Cozy Mystery

I'm an unpublished, aspiring author, with a love for locked room mysteries and boundless imagination. My first full length novel was my first murder mystery story, written for the toughest critics of all - the women of my immediate family - as a Christmas present, thus answering the question; 'what

Jodie Smith for "Jubilee Bells"
Genre: Drama

Award-winning author and Mobile Literary Festival founder Jodie Cain Smith spent her childhood exploring the shores of Mobile Bay. She is a graduate of the University of South Alabama and Northern Michigan University because earning a degree on both the southern and northern border happened by

Kathleen Hannon for "The Confession of Hemingway Jones"
Genre: Young Adult

A former Hollywood development executive, working on such films such as "U-571" and "Terminator 3," Kathleen Hannon rotated her North Carolina desk from west-facing to east when the recession hit and wrote her first middle grade novel for her daughters. "Bye for Now: A Wisher's Story" was published