2023 Writing Award Longlist

Page Turner Awards is delighted to announce our 2023 Writing Award Longlist, shown in random order!

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Timothy Jay Smith for "Istanbul Crossing"
Genre: LGBT

From a young age, Timothy Jay Smith developed a ceaseless wanderlust that has taken him around the world many times. En route, he’s found the characters that people his work. Polish cops and Greek fishermen, mercenaries and arms dealers, child prostitutes and wannabe terrorists, Indian Chiefs and

Gordon Scott for "Sins of the Fathers"
Genre: Crime

I have been awarded second place in the final judging of Hastings Litfest, (a submission from a previous crime thriller), and ‘Sins of the Fathers’ reached a longlist of 20 in the Bridport Prize. (1629 entries). It also achieved a Highly Commended 4th place in the Yeovil Novel Prize, the longlist of

Jennifer Johnson BScN RN for "Nursing Intuition: How to Trust Your Gut, Save Your Sanity and Survive Your Career"
Genre: Non-Fiction

Hi! I'm Nurse Jenn. A wife, mother, ER nurse and author. After over 14 years in the emergency room, I've learned a thing or two, usually that thing is you have no idea what's going to walk through the door next. My debut novel, Nursing Intuition: How to Trust Your Gut, is a mix of Eastern meet

Neil Chase for "Dead Strays"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

I'm a writer, actor, and story coach from Edmonton, Canada. After working for years in a technical field, the company I worked for went under. Seeing it as an opportunity rather than a drawback, I decided to follow my passion of writing and film fulltime. With numerous produced screenplays and

Scifari Irvin for "The Chameleon Bush"
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

I have a veterinary degree and PhD from Cambridge, and spent twenty years in Kenya researching a disease of cattle and wildlife which no one outside Africa has ever heard of. I travelled throughout the region and worked closely with international and local scientists as well as the diplomatic

Pebbles Lacasse for "Snowman’s Burden"
Genre: Romance

The genre I prefer to write is erotic romance, but I have written thrillers and sci-fi fantasy novels under a different pseudonym. My stories are always about the human connection and how precious that can be, no matter the genre. Being loved, truly loved, is what we all hope for. Between everyday

Ankit Gupta for "Mind Your Money"
Genre: Non-Fiction

Ankit Gupta is a young passionate Author and a TEDx speaker based in London, United Kingdom. He is a Certified Financial Specialist, accredited by Financial Planning Standards Board, USA, currently recognized globally in 27 countries. Ankit is extremely passionate about Personal Finance and that is

chris berg for "THE BLEEDING"
Genre: Crime

Chris Berg Chris Berg was born in the '50s in Gridley, California to a state game warden and his Army nurse, wife. Except for a short stint living in New York City, he's lived on the left coast all his life. After graduating with his B.S. from San Jose State University he made his way to his true

Loraine Fergusson for "The Fever Box"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

I grew up in Great Britain on the borders of Wales in a Tudor house on the banks of the River Wye. As LP Fergusson I write serious historical fiction dealing with the Second World War and the War of Spanish Succession. As Loraine Fergusson I write cozy mysteries inspired by my time working in one of

Meg Gaertner for "WIND RIDER"
Genre: Young Adult

I am a senior acquiring editor of middle grade and young adult fiction for Jolly Fish Press and Flux, the author of several children’s nonfiction books, a 2019 Pitch Wars mentee, and a graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing program at Antioch University L.A.

Len Cobb for "Cemi Precious"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

Len Cobb is an emerging author and recovering structural engineer. He has completed one novel and is polishing his second. Len lives in Puerto Rico with his wife, two dogs, and three paddleboards. When not writing or stuck in his day job, he can be found surfing small waves or bicycling. He is not

Gustav Temple for "HOTEL QUARANTINE"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

Gustav Temple has been editor of The Chap, a British men's style magazine, for 20 years. This career has allowed him to develop strong writing and editing skills within journalism, while he has also been busy writing fiction in his spare time. As well as Hotel Quarantine, his submission to The Page

Adara Spence for "Drawing Red"
Genre: Paranormal & Supernatural

I am a house-bound writer who lives happily with my husband and two cats, spending my days hopping from world to world via audiobooks and manga. I've wanted to be an author since I was 6, or so I've been told. Other options included: doctor, plumber, scientist, accountant, pilot and pokemon trainer

Kim Black for "The Traveling Companion"
Genre: Mystery & Cozy Mystery

Kim Black is a not-quite-cozy genre mixologist and award-winning author. She loves learning new things and returned to school in her fifties to receive her certification in screenwriting. She is a member of the Texas High Plains Writers, one of the oldest writers' groups in America. She speaks to

Becky Adams for "Be Brave, Be True, Belong"
Genre: Childrens Middle Grade Books

Becky Adams grew up in a small New England town, the oldest of three daughters. She learned to read in kindergarten and has loved books ever since. Her favorite childhood pastimes were climbing trees and reading books; sometimes reading books in trees. Becky graduated summa cum laude from the

Frances Hurd for "The Beautiful Ghost"
Genre: LGBT

I have a PhD in history and specialise in researching the social and emotional impact of the First World War, particularly for gay servicemen and conscientious objectors, whose 'outsider' status meant they had more in common that might be imagined.This novel arose from my original research on gay

Kristen Crusoe for "The Bluff"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

I am Kristen Crusoe, a Registered Nurse, working primarily in psychiatric/forensic and palliative care specialties. I have also taught nursing students at the master and doctoral levels. Before I became an RN, I was a dancer, ballet and modern. I know these worlds well, and love bringing them to

Scott Rye for "KEY WITNESS"
Genre: Crime

Scott Rye is a decorated veteran who served throughout the Middle East and Africa. The author of two non-fiction books, Scott has worked as a newspaper correspondent, magazine editor, advertising copywriter and was a partner and Chief Operating Officer of an ad agency before founding his own crisis

Fiona Taylor for "tRuth"
Genre: Women's Fiction

Although I am British I was raised in Zimbabwe and I have also lived in Italy, Spain, Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa, each of which has enriched the texture of my life and allowed my childhood dream of writing a novel to brew over time. A detour that involved a career in sales and marketing

Chas Harrington for "The Oblivious Victims of Stephen McGuire"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

I am a new writer from the south east, I worked as a script reader for a few years writing some of my own short scripts along the way. I have only recently started writing fiction novella as a way to tell more complex stories in a way that is more artistic than what is allowed in screen format. I

Mark Penfold for "Gardening is for Life, not just Lockdown"
Genre: Creative Non-Fiction

Now retired, my career began as a teacher of French and German and ended as a specialist in helping pupils who do not speak the language of instruction all over the UK and Europe. I was a member of an EU Working Group promoting better Education outcomes for pupils of Roma heritage in Europe. I

Owen Levy for "Beyond the Bridge"
Genre: American Urban Street Fiction

OWEN LEVY is the author of two well-received novels, the seminal A Brother’s Touch, set in the early days of the Stonewall liberation movement, and Goodbye Heiko Goodbye Berlin plays out in the early turbulent days after the Fall of the Berlin Wall and move toward German Reunification. A Fellow of

Ben Alvord for "The Flames of the Son"
Genre: Young Adult

Ben Alvord has been writing across many different mediums since he was a kid. He's worked in screenwriting, slam poetry, live storytelling, sketch comedy and his original love, fiction. Ben lives in the Hudson Valley of New York with his wife and pitbull mix. When he's not writing, he's working his

Victoria Prince for "The Other Side of Snow"
Genre: Young Adult

I have been a practising psychotherapist for over 15 years, specialising in trauma, emotional disorders, psychosis, suicide and self-harm. That experience has informed my portrayal of authentic depictions of lived experiences with mental illness in fiction. I have had short stories published in

Lucy Steeds for "The Artist"
Genre: Historical Fiction

I began writing THE ARTIST while living in France, surrounded by lemony light, history-soaked streets, and the smells of foods I will forever associate with summer: apricots, artichokes, peaches. I absorbed a lot of art, I read a lot of books about art, and somehow I ended up down the rabbit hole of

Jilly Carrell for "The Origins of Poppies"
Genre: Women's Fiction

Jilly Carrell has been an army wife for the past 18 years, and her husband’s six Afghan tours with the British Army were the inspiration for her submission. Following his death, two years ago, she took a year long sabbatical to spend time with her young daughters and to complete an MA in Creative

Amanda Poll for "Beth Death"
Genre: Young Adult

Hi! I'm Amanda and I live in London, UK. :) Having spent ten years working as a Barrister in Criminal Law, I live and love all things crime! Hence all my books have a strong crime element, based on murder cases I prosecuted and are embedded with twists and conspiracies. As I have teenage children

Ann Willow for "Remembering Changes Everything"
Genre: True Stories

I am an author, playwright, and freelance writer loving life in the American Southwest. Surviving and fleeing my upbringing in the Chicago area under the tutelage of white supremacist parents, I wandered until I found my true home here, inspired by the mystical landscapes, unique cultural history

Alida Winternheimer for "Saving Annabelle"
Genre: Historical Fiction

Alida Winternheimer is an award-winning writer, editor, and teacher. The creator of the Story Works Round Table podcast, the Story Works Fiction online school of creative writing, and developmental editor and writing coach at Word Essential, she has published two craft books, and multiple stories

Elin Daniels for "The Hollow Mountain"
Genre: Paranormal & Supernatural

I am a graduate of the Curtis Brown Creative Novel-Writing Course, winner of the 2021 Blue Pencil Agency Pitch Prize and have been long listed for Mslexia Novel Writing competitions. The Hollow Mountain is my third novel. I trained as a pharmacist, ultimately heading up a department supporting

John Davis for "Reluctant to Lead: Overcoming Fear of Failure"
Genre: Creative Non-Fiction

Steve conveys perspectives and emotions in poems and songs. His draft memoir, Reluctant to Lead, tells how he overcame timidity as an air cavalry officer in the Vietnam War. A tuxedo cat from a shelter encourages him from a perch over his PC keyboard. Steve assists disabled veterans in getting

B. Romero for "Me."
Genre: Horror

B. Romero is a writer, teacher, student, wife, mother, activist, and everything in between. Writing has been her passion since a young age and she is also a lover of all things horror. When she is not writing, B. enjoys reading, gaming, and watching horror movies. During school hours, you can catch