2022 Screenplay Award Longlist

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Shia Labeouf for "A8450, M.D."
Genre: Action Adventure

Shia LaBeouf's natural talent and raw energy have secured his place as one of Hollywood's leading men. Most recently, LaBeouf starred alongside Vanessa Kirby and Ellen Burstyn in Kornel Mundruczo's Oscar® nominated Pieces of a Woman. In the critically acclaimed film, a grieving couple (Kirby/LaBeouf

Jessica J. Rowlands for "Prince"
Genre: Action Adventure

Jessica Rowlands is a screenwriter and director from London. Jess obtained two Law degrees from top Law Schools on both sides of the Atlantic before completing the prestigious Professional Program in Screenwriting at UCLA where she became the only person in history to win the UCLA Screenwriting

Chris Willis for "HURRICANE"
Genre: Action Adventure

Chris lives by the sea in Narragansett, Rhode Island USA. He has written nine features, three television pilots, and a number of short screenplays. He enjoys developing the worlds in his dramas. His experience as a psychologist has been a great source for interesting characters, each with their

Kirsty Zane for "Harold, Electra and our Lord, David Attenborough"
Genre: Action Adventure

British-Australian Kirsty Zane writes genre-blending dark comedy screenplays – from sci-fi to romantic comedy and crime. Accolades include Grand Prize (Short) at Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) Screenwriting Competition (2021) judged by readers from Gersh & CAA; Finalist 2022 Atlanta Film

Ian for "Silver"
Genre: Action Adventure

38, from Sheffield, England. Amateur screenwriter, full time factory worker. No accolades or achievements to promote, no other idea how to market himself. Please help.

Alexander LeGrand for "The Legend of Moses Pace"
Genre: Action Adventure

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Graduated from Drexel University in 2018 with a B.S. in Screenwriting and Playwriting. I've loved films ever since I could remember. The first films I remember seeing were X-Men and Gladiator. Growing up, going to the movie theaters was the thing my family did

Erial Tompkins for "Home Rule"
Genre: Action Adventure

Erial Tompkins is an LA-based genre writer with roots in television marketing as an award-winning copywriter and trailer editor. Her love of storytelling is rooted in strong, diverse characters, American history, spectacle, and hope. Before moving to Los Angeles, Erial studied at Emerson College in

Shiloh Mahgwees Nyce for "One Who Knows"
Genre: Fantasy

Shiloh Nyce is an Indigenous female screenwriter and actor from the Haisla Nation on the northwest coast of Canada. Her First Nations name is Mahgwees, meaning "snag on the beach". The Pacific coast was her childhood playground and has had significant inspirational influence on her artistry. She

Danielle Evans for "Revel"
Genre: Action Adventure

Born in Birmingham, AL but raised in the DC area, today Chicago is the great city I call home. From the moment I received my first red circled "A" in grade school for a short story about a day at the beach, I knew I was a writer! However, I grew up in a family where writing was not seen as a viable

Brad Brookes for "Going"
Genre: Drama

Born and bred in Walsall in the West Midlands, I moved to London in my early 20s with very little to my name. Spending over a decade in the city, in a dramatically different socio-economic environment, had a lasting effect on my writing. Much of my work has a 'fish out of water feel' to it. The

Charlene Clarke-Todoruk for "Liars"
Genre: Action Adventure

Charlene should have known she was destined to write horrors & thrillers. In Grade 2, she wrote about a disappearance/murder that got a big red WOW!; her mother was called in for a subsequent ‘meeting’. Now, teaching teenagers for the last 20+ years, she is engaged in horror of a much different kind

Ella Bettarello de Oliveira for "Huxley Valley"
Genre: Action Adventure

As a kid, Ella used to watch scary and bloody true crime shows with her mom. During the shows, they’d take turns screaming their theories about who the murderer could be and how they’d done it. She has always loved to be a puzzle solver. At 17, she moved from her home country of Brazil to the United

Kit Modica for "Yokai"
Genre: Action Adventure

Kit Modica is a screenwriter who began her career in theater, both on and off stage. After earning her degree in Mechanical Engineering, she later founded Aeon Life Theater in Tampa, Florida, where she served as producer, director, and production designer. While continuing to consult on theatrical

Genre: Action Adventure

Alex Sobol is an award-winning screenwriter who grew up in Los Angeles. After a fruitful career in Advertising as Creative Director and TV Commercial Director/Producer, Alex decided to shape his future by writing twisted, dark, funny, unexpected stories, packed with characters so full of life that

Jamie Gordon for "Replica"
Genre: Action Adventure

Jamie is a writer living in LA. She is a New Jersey native and proud Rutgers alum. Jamie is interested in exploring the complexity of human nature, and using that to create unusual characters. She currently works in the industry as a tv/video editor.

Alex George Pickering & Matthew Breault for "The Boundary"
Genre: Action Adventure

Matthew Breault and Alex George Pickering are an LA-based screenwriting team repped by Citizen Skull Management. Originally from Colorado Springs and Boston, MA respectively, Matt graduated from Stanford and Alex from Georgetown before meeting at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where they earned

Sophia Lee for "Ceyenne: Woman of Medicine (pilot - supernatural thriller)"
Genre: Action Adventure

Sophia Louisa Lee is a Latina writer working in Los Angeles, California. She is currently in preproduction for a contemporary "film noir" pilot she wrote, which she will also be directing. Sophia is the host of a video podcast on YouTube -- www.youtube.com/c/sophialouisassozoomin, and she does

Andrew Nadeau for "Myths & Legends"
Genre: Action Adventure

Andrew Nadeau is a Chicago comedian known for his one-liners and dry sense of humor. A writer for both The Dad and Netflix Family Social Media, he was named Funniest Person on Twitter by the Chicago Tribune and was runner up in the 2021 March Comedy Madness competition. His work has been featured in

David Soll for "Marcel"
Genre: Action Adventure

David's a commercial director in New York who's done a wide range of ads and brand films for Democrats and progressive causes, including in the last four Presidential campaigns, as well as major financial and retail brands. His quirky sci-fi short, Silo, is a Vimeo Staff Pick and you would like it

Michael Clifton for "Gloves"
Genre: Horror

Growing up on a hazardous waste site that’s home to the Mothman legend was a lot for Michael to take in. Stories of outsiders caught between real and imagined horrors are now his sweet spot. He has earned accolades from Academy Award qualifying festivals such as Cinequest, HollyShorts, Austin Film

Charlie Anderson for "Like Something Personal"
Genre: Drama

Charlie Anderson teaches film production and screenwriting at Valparaiso University. His films have screened at festivals throughout the United States and he has various credits as an actor, photographer, makeup effects artist, and sound mixer. Charlie also enjoys volunteering at Hoosier Burn Camp.

Amira Richler for "Mary, Mary "
Genre: Action Adventure

Armed with a PhD in English Literature from the University of Rochester, I specialize in female-driven historical dramas that blend my literary expertise and research skills with an ability to tell compelling stories about women who push the boundaries of knowledge, gender, sexuality, politics, and

Chris Leonard for "A Good Death"
Genre: Drama

I’ve been writing scripts for over 20 years, ever since I wrote my first screenplay for my BA Film, on a borrowed Olivetti electronic typewriter. Since then, I’ve been writing scripts in my spare time alongside a career as a journalist and copywriter, then a professional comms manager in Government

Bruna Pias for "The Engine"
Genre: Action Adventure

Bruna is a Portuguese Writer/Director based in London, UK. She has a Master's Degree in Film Directing from MET Film School London and has directed a number of successful and award winning short films. As a screenwriter she has been a winner and finalist in a number of competitions, including the

Allen Baldwin & Jane Ackermann for "Ranger"
Genre: Action Adventure

Allen is a Maine filmmaker who has been making shorts and features in his home state for over twenty years. He is the co-founder of Damnationland, a showcase of short dark genre films made by Maine filmmakers, now in its twelfth year. He produced Derek Kimball’s feature film debut Neptune which

Joe Heath for "Road Trippy"
Genre: Comedy & Humour

On a website on the internet there lived a Joe. Not a hot, caffeinated Joe, splashed with cream and a roasty smell, nor yet a cotton-eyed Joe with over-played lyrics and a catchy beat: it was a writer Joe, and that means humor. Or something. Joe Heath writes, directs, films, produces, and acts in

Merland Hoxha for "Belligerence"
Genre: Suspense & Thriller

Merland Hoxha is an Albanian-born Italian-raised writer/director living between New York and Los Angeles. His first feature, The Departure, is currently streaming on all the major platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and Tubi. Film Critic Bradley Gibson from Filmthreat said, “Merland Hoxha shows a

Stephanie Gray for "Persephone"
Genre: Fantasy

I'm an actor and aspiring screenwriter from the UK, and I want to share stories full of heart and humor that celebrate the human experience and make people feel less alone. I would love to create a television series with a character rooted in modern reality journeying through a fantasy world, such

Laura Whitton for "Birthweight"
Genre: Drama

Writer, visual artist, entrepreneur, and community builder. I won my first writing contest at age 11, started my first real business at age 15, traveled outside my home country for the first time at 18, and have not stopped since. I have made my home, worked, and created in The United States, France

Tracy Richardson for "Scatter Planner"
Genre: Comedy & Humour

Tracy grew up in Staffordshire, England and now lives near Byron Bay in Australia. As a senior copywriter and Creative Director, Tracy worked in large ad agency creative departments in the UK and Australia dominated by Mad Men. She has the stories to prove it. Her journey into screenwriting began

Joseph Black for "HUNT MONSTERS"
Genre: Comedy & Humour

Joseph Black grew up in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. After hearing his accent, people frequently accuse him of lying about this. He assures those that do that this is the truth, citing that: 1. A childhood filled with movies, TV, video games, audiobooks, and podcasts led to him never developing all

Aaron Garcia for "Salva"
Genre: Action Adventure

A South American writer and author from the suburbs of Washington D.C.. His writing credits include the TNT show Leverage and various festival films, including a collaboration with an Academy Award Winner. A graduate of Second City and former stand up comedian, he has also authored multiple books